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2000 Tartan 

Building on the 

Building Community 4 

Building Character 46 

Building Relationships 68 

Building Wisdom 102 

Building Perseverance 118 

Building Blocks 136 



Covenant College 
Lookout Mountain GA 


f> on the - 



Covenant College 
Uateut Mountain GA 30750-9601 


Con the . 


"Coming to Him as a living stone, re|ected indeed by 
men, but chosen by God and precious, you also, as living 
stones, ore being built up a spiritual house, a holy priest- 
hood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God 
through Jesus Christ. Therefore it is also contained in the 
Scripture, "Behold, I lay in Zion A chief cornerstone, elect, 
precious, And he who believes on Him will by no means 
be put to shame.' 

Therefore, to you who believe, He is precious; but to 
those who are disobedient, 'The stone which the builders 
rejected Has become the chief cornerstone,' and 'A 
stone of stumbling And a rock of defense." They stumble, 
being disobedient to the word, to which they also were 

But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a 
holy nation, His own special people, that you may 
proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of 
darkness into His marvelous light; who once were not a 
people but are now the people of God, who had not 
obtained mercy but now have obtained mercy" 


* it 



Building Community 

One of the unique characteristics of Covenant College 
is its diverse array of clubs and activities-all initiated, 
funded, and run by the students themselves. 

It is the intent of this section of the yearbook to record 
a cross-section of the Covenant College community as 
it participates in everything from martial arts to white- 
water rafting and from computer networking to drama 
productions. And it is the student body's participation in 
these activities that keeps the Covenant community 

(Srew Way in a 

New Place 

This fall, freshmen orientation took on a dif- 
ferent twist from previous years. Each morn- 
ing, freshmen woke up to attend a lecture based 
around the book. Fabric ofFaithjulness, which 
helped the students connect what they believe 
with the way they live. The topics discussed 
during the week were put into practice on 
Monday when students attended "The Ama- 
teur Project." Classmates went into Chatta- 
nooga to help different organizations such as 
the Shepherd's Arms, which provides refuge 
for battered women. Along with all of this. 
students also attended meetings that helped 
them learn more about the school and the dif- 
ferent activities and ministries. One thing that 
did remain constant about orientation, though, 
was everyone's favorite get-to-know-you 
games that provided fun and some embarrass- 

Dr. Graham and his 
orientation group take 
a break after a long 
day of work on ama- 
teur project day. Ama- 
teur day gave the stu- 
dents an opportunity 
to serve others in the 

dents are usually bro- 
ken down randomly 
into small groups, but 
this year each advisor 
led their Self in Soci- 
ety class which con- 
sisted of their new 


6 Building Community: Events 

Associate Dean of Students. Barb Schreur takes a break frc 
moving in new students with R.A.s Joshua Hinman and 
Maryanne Challies. Much thought, time, and consideration 
is put into mulching up roommates for the upcoming year, vet 
it is a task Barh thoroughly enjoys. 

Heidi Meiners works hard at transforming an empty room into a home 
away from home. Students' rooms are a place where they can kick back 
after a hard day of classes, so comfort is essential. Unpacking into one's 
new room is like unpacking one's personality and individuality. 

As part of Amateur 
Project day, Claire 
Larson works hard at 
scraping some difficult 
paint off the windows 
at a local house. The 
house is home to quite 
a few Covenant stu- 
dents who worked 
hard fixing it up, and 
the new students were 
more than happy to 
lend a hand. Amateur 
Project day saw stu- 
dents at quite a num- 
ber of different service 
opportunities, includ- 
ing a chance for some 
to help out at the Chat- 
tanooga Nature Cen- 

; CM 

f— *«a^| 



■^ j^^ 


' A 


"7 ' ** 


7 1 

R.A. Mindy Johnson helps move one of her new 
girls onto the Loft. Dan Hudson looks on from 
behind, smiling as he remembers when he first 
moved in as a freshman. Moving day is often ex- 
citing, especially when it includes first meeting a 
new roommate. 

Building Community: Events 7 

the Tning 

From the very first rehearsal until 
the cast party that lasted until six in the 
morning, the cast and crew of "You Can't 
Take It With You" knew how to have fun 
together. For three nights, the audience 
was able to share in the fun. The cast of 
nineteen (plus two kittens and a boa con- 
strictor), under the direction of Nikki Ellis, 
brought a joie de vivre to their char- 
acters, which shined through during the per- 

Even though she was a first-time 
director. Ellis brought a wealth of knowl- 
edge to the proceedings and kept the ener- 
getic cast focused. The dedicated crew 
pitched in with lights, make-up. and props 
to support the actors' efforts and bring a 
polished show to the stage. 

Characteristic of the unity 
of the cast, Aaron Mesh, 
Jeremy Foreman, Lucas 
Fitts, and Jonathan Davis 
cuddle on Scott Raymond 's 
couch, which he graciously 
allowed to be used in the 
play. "You Can't Take It 
With You " provided an op- 
portunity for the members 
of the cast to make new 
friends and spend time with 
old ones. 

Top left: Pablo Varela. Jeremy Foreman. Michelle Higgins, Lauren Griffin, Malt Can. Moni Pappas. Niki Ellis, Aaron Mesh, 
Jenni Manzo, Haddon McKitmey. and John Porter. Bottom left: Andy Crews, Paul Hinkson, Christi Alston, Lucas Fitts, 
Jonathan Davis. Jodi Belk. Joel Peltigrew, Grace White, Ben Parker. 

8 Building Community: Events 

Grace While and her male admirers, including Snuggle the 
Snake, relax after the show. It is amazing to see how close the 
cast members grew to each other, and to their pets, throughout 
z of working on the play. 

Paul, Lucas Fills, shows his wife Penny, Lauren 
Grifffin, the new fireworks that he will sell for ten 
cents a string. Lucas and Lauren performed to- 
gether well as a very bizarre but lovable couple. 

Building Community: Events 9 

The band strikes up 
another number for an 
excited crowd. The at- 
mosphere of Kilter is 
always energetic, and 
having live music only 
makes it all the better. 
Students also got in on 
the action later with 
Matt Novenson and 
Ken Langley lending 
their talents. 

10 Building Community: Event' 


Ask any Covenant student, and he is sure 
to tell you that Kilter is one of the most 
anticipated CAB events of the year. This 
year was no exception. Perhaps the most 
distinguishing factor about Kilter is that this 
is the time when the girls get to ask the 
guys. The ladies certainly performed well 
at this task as students packed into the great 
hall for a night of dancing, dancing, a little 
food, and more dancing. Kilter gives ev- 
eryone an opportunity to take part in one 
of their favorite activities, while still within 
the Covenant student contract. The theme. 
Dynamic Duos, certainly lent itself well to 
a wide variety of costumes. Some notable 
favorites included Curious George and the 
Man in the Yellow hat. Trinity and Neo 
from the hit movie The Matrix, and an 
abundance of Spartan cheerleaders. 

Sarah Ellison and Evan Williams go for an ethnic look 
The diversity of Kilter produced a wide range of duos p 
the world and different duns throughout history. 

Warren Trice and Shanna Barrett take advantage of the opportunity for 
dancing within contract. Everyone enjoys the chance to express himself at 
school sponsored events like Kilter tha! allow dancing. Warren and Shanna 
were one of the many football and cheerleader duos that came to enjoy the 

Me Tarzan; you Jane. 
Scotty Manor and 
Missy Taylor make an 
authentic looking pair 
as they chose to dress 
up as some of their fa- 
vorite movie charac- 
ters. Many couples 
looked to Hollywood 
films for duo inspira- 
tion such as the Blues 
Brothers and Dorothy 
and the Scarecrow 
from The Wizard of Oz. 

' '..and your twstfor the evening is none oilier than Aus- 
tin Powers himself." CAB director Isaac Wardellgoes all 
outfortlw big wetting asoneoflusfitwrite cliaracters. A 
lot of hard work and planning goes in to making the e 

".ssfid, and Isaac is gratefid to Ik able to relax and 
havefim now that e\-erything is in place. 

Building Community: Events 11 


Homecoming was kicked off on a beauti- 
ful Friday afternoon full of sunshine and 
fresh air; however, it didn't stay that way 
for long, as Saturday morning ushered in 
rain and fog. The festivities began with a 
musical feast during rhe Music department 
concert featuring Handel's Water Music 
performed by the Symphonette. Later in 
the evening, the Great Hall was filled with 
sounds of a more modern style, with a spe- 
cial concert by James Ward. One of the 
everyone's favorite events in the homecom- 
ing fun is Burning at the Stage. While usu- 
ally held at Shadowland's field. Burning 
was moved into the Great Hall as the lit- 
eral fire was extinguished by rain, but the 
spirit of homecoming would not be put out 
so easily as it continued to burn in the hearts 
of all those in attendance. 

Grant Withington, 
Micah Carver, and 
Chris Smith perform 
some of their favorite 
songs for the audience 
at Burning at the Stage. 
The only thing that re- 
ally was missing was 
the fire. Unfortunately, 
due to rain and fog, the 
event had to be moved 
into the Great Hall, hut 
it certainly didn 't 
dampen any spirits 
with it. Great music still 
resounded and was met 
by an enthusiastic au- 

12 Building Community; Events 

Justin Corder stretches to make it to the finish line of the bungee rui 
run was part of the Siamsa inflatable activates that were a new additi 
the homecoming festivites. Originally planned to be held at Shadowland- 
the event was moved inside due to the fog and 

One of the great highlights of the weekend was the special concert on 
Friday evening by James Ward. "The concert was quite enjoyable. He 
provided a great message with great music and the audience was really 
enthusiastic. " said Pam Lucas. Ward was certainly a performer that many 
from Covenant would like to see come back again. 

Senior Matt Cobb 
plays a tough game 
Milligan in his 
last Home 
game. The afiei 
was slightly dampened 
by the rain and fog, but 
you can 't keep a good 
fan down at 
a soccer game. Many 
fans turned out to cheer 
the guys on, particu- 
larly quite a few soc- 
cer alumni. 

Burning at the Stage offered a feast of local Covenant 
tale nt for all to enjoy, as well as a feast ofs 'mores. Tom 

Okie enjow playing at the event beta 
an opportunity to play some of his own original n 
for others. The evening is also a time for the t 
alttmtii to meet up with old friends again while listen- 
ing to the ereat musk. _, 

Building Community: Events 

the Season 

Christmas is always a magical time, and the 
excitement of the Madrigal dinners only adds 
to the season. The magnificent Elizabethan 
era dinner is quite an attraction for many, as 
it draws students, faculty, and alumni as well 
as many patrons of the college from near and 
far. Perhaps the defining element of the event 
is the atmosphere. The lobby and Great Hall 
of Carter get quite a make-over for the three 
special nights to recreate the setting. Aside 
from the delicious menu containing everything 
form hot steaming wassail to flaming plum 
pudding, the annual event also provides an 
opportunity to showcase some of Covenant's 
finest talent. The highlight of the evening may 
certainly be the Madrigal singers led by Dr. 
Hamm along with music from the brass choir 
and an ensemble from the symphonette, both 
led by Dr. Steele. 

The kitchen workers 
put in a long night of 
hard work and are still 
all smiles. The Madri- 
gal dinner consists of 
an extravagant eight 
course meal, and these 
are the friendly folks 
behind the scenes that 
make it all happen. 
Students enjoy work- 
ing in the kitchen dur- 
ing the dinners as it 
gives them a chance to 
earn a little extra 
money just in time for 
Christmas shopping. 

14 Building Community: Events 

Pick a card. . . any card. Christian Graham, resident jester for 
the evening, tries to pull the wool over the eyes ofKathy Miner 
and Heidi Warsing. The jester is always a crowd pleaser with 
his crazy antics and mystifying magic. 

Paul Kent and June Webb have to agree that the bread bowl potato soup 
is definitely the best they We ever had. It 's a well deserved treat for all of the 
hard work, practicing, and preparing that the Madrgial singers put into 
those three nights. 

Madrigal singers Erin 
Farquhar and Mike 
Bedzyk accompany 
the Lord and Lady of 
the manor during the 
traditional course of 
bread bowl potato 
soup. Dressing up in 
the authentic attire of 
me of the 
singers' favorite as- 
pects of the dinners. 

Austina McFarland prepares some steaming 
wassail before the guests arrive. The traditional 
drink is often a favorite and serves to open the 
evening with the wassail toast from the Lord of 
ind "The Wassail Song" and 
'Gloucestershire Song" sung by the Madrigal 

Building Community: Events 15 


Ken iMngley and Dan 
Hudson started the day 
bright and early with a 
song in their hearts. 

Residents of nearby 
Jungle, their sister hall, 
came over to make 
breakfast for fellow 
Founder's hall 

Rivendell, as well as to 
share in the time of 
prayer and praise. 


A visitor to Covenant may see Day of Prayer 
as a simple vacation from studying, while to 
every student it is much more than that. 
Throughout the semester students are con- 
tinually enriched in their learning and aca- 
demics, and Day of Prayer comes as a time 
to enrich one's prayer life by devoting the 
entire day to the Lord through prayer. A va- 
riety of opportunities is offered to escape the 
atmosphere of schoolwork, such as a trip to 
Cloudland Canyon and the many hall retreats 
that take place on the Day of Prayer. One 
activity that is certainly looked forward to by 
students is the Psi Chi sunrise prayer at Rock 
City, followed by breakfast. "It was such a 
beautiful sunrise; the skies were giving glory 
to God with us that morning," said Kelly 
Clarkson. The day was brought to an end by 
prayer and praise at Oasis. 

Jessica Hudson and Stephanie Sproul enjoyed part of their Day of Prayer out on the 
chapel lawn, with a little bit of afternoon reading. It was a beautiful day, and there 
were quite a few students who took the opportunity to spend the time outside. 

16 Building Community: Events 

Early to rise Jungle girls make it to the 6:30 prayer time at Rock City, 
sponsored every semester by Psi Chi. The event is always a favorite with a 
large turnout, particularly for the complimentary coffee and doughnuts 
that accompany the beautiful sunrise. 

**jfcg| \ 


Abigail Lundelius 
and Dave Vreken en- 
joy getting out into 
the fresh air for a 
time of sharing what 
God has been doing 
in their lives. Many 
students like to take 
the opportunity to 
spend some time out 
in nature and ad- 
mire the beautiful 
wooded land that 
surrounds the Cov- 
enant campus. 

Day of prayer offers many students a time of 
solitude and a chance to devote the day to spend- 
ing time with God. It also comes as a break from 

the hectic schedule of studying and school work, 
giving students time to focus on prayer. 

Building Community: Events 17 

in the Air 

After dinner Emmie 
Weir and Jamie 
Barrett take to the 
dance floor. Many of 
the guys loosened ties 
and shirts as the 
evening and dancing 
continued. There was 
just too much fun to be 
had that night to worry 
about one 's tie! 

A beautiful sunset on a warm April 
evening was the start of an enchanting night at 
the Fairyland Country Club. Spring Banquet 
is certainly an event that every student looks 
forward to, especially for its semi-formal at- 
mosphere that is still relaxed enough for ev- 
eryone to kick back and have a great time. 

The dinner portion of the evening in- 
cluded chicken in a white wine sauce and 
strawberry tarts for dessert. Spring Banquet 
is also a quite anticipated event because it is 
another opportunity for Covenant students to 
get out on the dance floor. After dinner many 
girls shed their dress shoes and danced bare 
foot for the sake of sheer comfort ! This year's 
spring Banquet was so well looked forward 
to that tickets sold out in the first two days of 
the sale. It did indeed live up to everyone's 
expectations for an exciting night. 

8 Building Community: Events 

Mike Agate, Katie Feamster, Joe Roberts, and Kim Mills await 
a meal fit for Kings. The catering by the Fairyland Country 
Club was truly exceptional and all were in agreement that the 
strawberry tarts were the highlight of the evening. 

As the band began to play, the dance floor filled quickly as people left 
their seats with no hesitation. Nolo Muir and Kirk Winters were no excep- 
tion as they took advantage of one of Covenant's favorite spring events. 

On such an enchanting 
evening, many couples 
were all smiles 
throughout the night. 

Liz Sands and Rob 
MacDougall particu- 
larly enjoyed the diver- 
sity of the music played; 
there was something 
for everyone 's taste. 

Eric Tuininga andDianna Pohlstep aside from 
all of the excitement to enjoy the view of Chatta- 
nooga from the windows of the country club din- 
ning room. The country club 's romantic atmo- 
sphere proved to be the perfect place to hold 
Spring Banquet. 

Building Community: Events 1 9 

(SSaU Tiee 


Valerie Howard and 
Isaac Wardell sit back 
and relax while sur- 
veying the results of all 
of their hard work. 
Much time and prepa- 
ration goes into the 
planning of the festival 
and the students ap- 
preciate the people 
that make it all happen 
behind the scenes. 

The Baker Tree Festival began bright 
and early with a 5K run around campus, in 
which all participants received a free Baker 
Tree t-shirt. 

The festivities continued in the after- 
noon, as Covenant students had the chance 
to share their musical talents. Many different 
bands performed throughout the evening, and 
students enjoyed listening to the music and 
taking a break from studying for finals. 

Dinner was served on the chapel 
lawn, and while everyone was eating, prizes 
were awarded for the winners of the race 
and door prizes were drawn out of the people 
who bought t-shirts. First prize for the race 
was a pair of running shoes, donated by one 
of the companies who sponsored the festi- 
val, and other prizes included t-shirts donated 
by other supporters. 

20 Building Community: Event 

The festival was originally scheduled for April 15, but because of rain, it was pushed 
back to April 29, the weekend before finals. As a result, many students brought their 
studying out to the chapel lawn. Michael Franks had the added advantage of being 
able to type an important term paper while enjoying the music. 

Michael Dixon and Josh Hinman get the crowd going with their fun songs 
and crazy humor. The Baker Tree Festival is a great time for local Covenant 
bands to get together and showcase the talents that can be found right here 
in our community. 

The Baker Tree Festi- 
val is a great place for 
friends of all types to 
gather together. Amy 

Clawson along with 
one of her best friends, 
Keats, especially en- 
joyed the performance 
by Infradig. The Cov- 
enant community al- 
ways looks forward to 
hearing their unique 
sounds and supporting 
one of their favorite 
alumni bands. 

The view is always best from the top. And there 's 
no better place to get a great view than from the 
balcony of Second South. It's one of the guy s fa- 
vorite places to hang out on the weekends and a 
good way scope out the scene below them. 

Building Community: Events 2 1 




Covenant students enjoy 
some fine dining while 
on the spring break cho- 
rale tour. Members of the 
chorale visited various 
churches throughout 
the Midwest performing 
concerts and getting a 
chance to make some 
new friends as they 
stayed at a number of 
host family homes 
throughout the trip. 

The Spring semester always seems to 
have a great lack of breaks from classes. Every 
student dreads that eight- week stretch of nothing 
but straight studies. However, all of that hard 
work is rewarded when spring break rolls around. 
It is the great release of all of the pent up stress 
and tension and at the same time a chance for 
some to get ahead on big papers and important 

Some stay close by while others travel 
far away to places with skiing; be it snow or water, 
all enjoy the time of rest. Many students take the 
opportunity to go on Break on Impact or chorale 
tour. These trips give students the opportunity to 
do something a little less standard for their break 
and are also a great time to get to know other 
students better. However one may choose to 
spend the time, one thing is for certain, it is al- 
ways longed for by all and seems to end too soon. 

The members of chorale spent many long hours in the bus over spring break. They did 
manage to find many ways to make the time enjoyable, though. 

2 2 Building Community: Events 

Aaron Dillow, Joel Pettigrew, Ben Trice, and Cameron Moran spend their 
afternoon off in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Students were also 
able to do some sightseeing in Chicago and Grand Rapids during their 

Jon and Sarai Larson, 
two of Covenant's mar- 
ried students, are 
dressed and ready for 
a performance. Since 
both of them are se- 
niors, they didn 't want 
to miss the chance to 
tour with the chorale 
one last time. 

Claire Larson and Becky DePrine goof off at the 
Botannical Gardens in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

These plants were full and green despite the chill 
of winter that was still in the air. 

Building Community: Events 2 3 

a/tcmg a 


This is the story of an Irish Catholic 
family of five sisters and one brother as told 
through the eyes of their young nephew, 
Michael. The action takes place over two days 
of the harvest festival at Lughnasa. Michael is 
the illegitimate son of one of the sisters, Chrissi, 
and it is his retelling of his memories of growing 
up in this family that make up the story. At the 
time of the action Michael is only seven and is 
retelling the story when he is twenty-five. He 
looks back on how the return of two main male 
figures in his life truly shaped things, his father 
Gerry and his uncle, Father Jack. The title of 
the play comes from the addition of the family's 
very first radio and all of the times they enjoy 
dancing to the music it plays. The director for 
this year's spring play was Meg Hayes, who 
also played the part of one of the sisters, and 
assistant director was Grace White. 

"Why is a parrot like a 
g r a m o p h o n e ? " 

Maggie, Niki Ellis, en- 
tertains the family with 
another one of her 
riddles while they en- 
joy a picnic on a warm 
September afternoon. 

2 4 Building Community: Events 

" / couldn 't promise four men, but I should be able to get one 
husband for all of you." Father Jack, the Catholic mission- 
ary, played by Haddon McKinney, tells his sisters about life in 
Uganda along with other advice for the sisters. 

"Will you marry me, Chrissie?" Gerry, Matt Can; proposes to his past 
lover Chrissie. Michelle Higgins, who is the mother of Michael, the story- 
teller. . 


"It's made of pure sil- 
ver, and it's supposed 
to bring good luck. " 

Rose, Christine Alston, 
shows the necklace she 
received from a suitor 
of hers to her sister 
Agnes, Claire Larson. 

" When I rememeber it, I think of it as dancing. 
Dancing with eyes half closed because to open 
them would be to break the spell. Dancing as if 
language no longer existed because words were 
no longer necessary..." -Michael, Jesse Elliott. 

Building Community: Events 2 5 

it's Friday? 

After a long hard week of classes, 
there's nothing a student looks forward to 
more than the weekend. Covenant is certainly 
no exception, and its proximity to so many 
great places makes it ideal. Chattanooga pro- 
vides a wealth of great places to eat and things 
to do including the new addition of Coolidge 
Park down on the river as well as shopping at 
Hamilton Place or movies at the Bijou theatre. 

There is also an abundance of oppor- 
tunities for the avid student and sporting en- 
thusiast. Many students enjoy the sporting 
events in nearby Atlanta while the outdoors 
type appreciate the great parks such as 
Cloudland Canyon State Park which provide 
great hiking or a place to relax while getting in 
some studying or reading. For the adventurer 
in all of us the currents of the Ocoee river pro- 
vide quite an energizing battle. 

New Orleans here we 
come! The annual 
Southeastern Psychol- 
ogy Association con- 
ference or SEPA is al- 
ways a favorite for psy- 
chology students. It 
begins on a Thursday 
and lasts through the 
weekend and is an op- 
portunity for the stu- 
dents to get some first- 
hand learning from a 
wide variety of psy- 
chology experts. 


^y— ^f Y ^ 


^ ■ 1 

26 Building Community: Events 

First Belt and Jungle certainly know how to have a good 
time on the weekend. Their Saturday night outing together 
included ultimate frisbee, a trip to Krispy Kreme and as seen 
here, some wild and crazy cosmic bowling. 

It 's a girls night out on Balcony. Rachel Lester, Jina Hawk, Katie Hirsh and 
Stephanie Young enjoy heading out to one of their favorite oriental restau- 
rant. Yum Yum's. 

A tittle relaxation in 
the great outdoors is 
always enjoyable. 

ethany LoPiccolo 
and Kelly Clarkson 
spent the day hiking at 
Rufner Mountain State 
Park in nearby Bir- 
mingham, Alabama. It's 
close proximity makes 
it an ideal getaway for 
the weekend. 

Enjoying an evening in the park are Jamie 
Barrett, Jenee Bourgeois, Matt Jelley, Abby 
Harrell and a friend, Jim, from UTC. The comple- 
tion of the new Coolidge Park downtown pro- 
vides an excellent place to have some weekend 
fun, especially in the interactive water fountains. 

Building Community: Events 



The Class of 2000 Senior Banquet 
was one of the first events held in the newly 
named Craig Lyon Great Hall, a presentation 
to Mrs. Lyon upon her retirement from the 
hostess position which she held for twenty-six 
years. The Great Hall was packed to capac- 
ity, as one of the largest crowds ever joined to 
celebrate this momentous occasion in the lives 
of the seniors. 

One of the highlights of the evening 
was the faculty address by Dr. Lou Voskuil, 
Professor of History. Also enjoyable was the 
music presentation by some Covenant Col- 
lege juniors and the Senior testimonies, given 
this year by Tim Marshall and Rachel Powell. 

Following the banquet, students, fam- 
ily, and friends enjoyed a concert presented 
by the chorale and a dessert reception given 
by the Brocks. 

Jake Patton and his 
sister had a chance to 
catch up on each 
other's lives over din- 
ner at the Senior Ban- 
quet. Graduation from 
college is always a 
good time to visit with 
family members and 
close friends. 

2 8 Building Community: Events 

Senior Class President Matthew Bryant welcomes everyone 
to the banquet. Faculty and staff members watch from the 
side, awaiting the time to start serving dinner to the seniors 
and families. 

Charity Throener and Paige Nelson await the beginning of dinner. It is 
hard for them to believe that they are eating their last meal in the Great 
Hall as students, but they are glad that the end has finally come. 

Tim Marshall, one of 
the graduating seniors, 
shares how his time at 
Covenant has impacted 
his life. It is always en- 
joyable to hear the stu- 
dent speaker's final 
thoughts upon leaving 

Dr. Lou Voskuil, Professor of History, gives his 
final words to the class of 2000. Students, fam- 
ily, and friends were engrossed in all that he had 
to say. 

Building Community: Events 2 9 

C7£/T Q>/ia ana a 


Graduation from college, especially from 
Covenant, always brings mixed emotions. First, 
it is an end of four great years of classes, living in 
the dorms, eating ARA, and being constantly 
challenged to make Christ preeminent in all things. 
But it is also a beginning of a new life, including 
careers, marriage, graduate studies, and chances 
to apply all that has been learned. 

This year's speaker, Reverend Joe 
Novenson from Lookout Mountain Presbyte- 
rian Church, challenged the students, as well as 
family and friends, to remember God's covenant. 
He, as well as student speakers Janna Levi and 
Justin Corder, reminded everyone that life is not 
about what we can do or can be. Life is ulti- 
mately about what God has already done for us 
and in us. It is about living Covenant College's 
motto and truly acknowledging Christ's pre- 
eminence in all things. 

President Frank 
Brock hands a di- 
ploma to John Sweet, 
1999-2000 Student 
Senate secretary. 
Members of Senate get 
to know Dr. Brock very 
well, after their weekly 
meetings in his office. 

3 Building Community: Events 

Members of the class of 2000 sing "All For Jesus, " the Cov- 
enant College hymn, together for the last time. 

Justin Corder, one of the student speakers, explains why he is not wearing 
his mortarboard. After all, who wants to stand in front of a crowd of people 
with a piece of cardboard on his head? 

Rev. Joe Novenson 
shares about God's 
covenant from Genesis 

17. The seniors get to 
choose their own 
graduation speaker, 
and it was no surprise 
that they chose Rev. 
Novenson, as many 
Covenant students at- 
tend his church. 

Covenant junior Jim Knox led the faculty and 
students into Memorial Auditorium while play- 
ing his bagpipe. The bagpipe, a traditional Scot- 
tish instrument, can often be heard on campus as 
Jim prcaticesfor special events such as gradua- 

Building Community: Events 3 1 

Whitney Dey and Heidi Waning perform during 
the men 's basketball game halftime. The Dance 
Team helps to raise support for the basketball 
team by encouring attendance at the home games 
and getting the fans excited. 

Members of the Dance Team are: Front Row, L to R: Amy Schalansky, Katie Anderson, 
Carrie Delph, and Sarah Tilley. Back Row, L to R: Heidi Warsing, Whitney Dey, Kristy 
Fan; and Stacie Richards. 

3 2 Building Community: Organizations 

Members of the Ballroom Dance Club are:Front Row, L to R: Christine Andrews, Jina 
Hawk, and J anna Mclndoe. Back Row, L to R: Geoff Glenister, Thomas Andreas, John 
Tracey, and Paul Kent. 

Ballroom Dance 

Paul Kent and Jina 
Hawk get an opportu- 
nity to practice their 
newly aquired skills. 

The club is taught ev- 
ery other week by pro- 
fessional dance in- 
structor Maria Duke 
and learns a wide 
varriety of dances such 
as the cha-cha, rumba, 
fox-trot, waltz, and 
tango. The club meets 
on the off weeks to prac- 
tice what they have 

Building Community: Organizations 33 

Sarah Martin and Lisa 
Branson discuss plans 
for an upcoming din- 
ner. Sigma Tail Delta is 
an honorary club for 
students who are ma- 
joring in English. 

Sigma Tau Delta 

Memeber of Sigma Tau Delta are: L to R: Kara Stanley, Heather Honaker, Rachel Tilley, 
Adelynn Spiecker, Lisa Branson, Sarah Martin, Kim Elliott, and Janelle Bulicz. 

3 4 Building Community: Organizations 

Members of Psi Chi are: Front Row, L to R: Monique Good, Melissa Dyches, Kate 
Stewart, and Krista Tiscione. Back Row, L to R: Liz Marr, Nicole Horton, Jocelyn Davis, 
Carlos Canales, Mallorx Dean, and Travis Johnson. 

Psi Chi 




. f 


A group of students 
take part in the early 
morning prayer at Rock 
City. The prayer, spon- 
sored by Psi Chi, is held 
every semester on Day 
of Prayer. The prayer 
and sunrise were fol- 
lowed by complimen- 
tary coffee, orange 
juice and doughnuts. 

Psi Chifactulty adivser Dr. Rulon enjoys involv- 
ing his wife in the club's activities. Psi Chi is the 
National Honor Society in Psychology and is led 
by president Carlos Canales. 

One of the featured guest speakers this year was 
Dr. Ralph Hood. Hood is an expert on Psychology 
of Religion from UTC and spoke on snake han- 
dling and holiness. 

Building Community: Organizations 3 5 

Joy, Michael, Jonathan and Angela anticipate 
the next rapid. The Nantahala Falls are a favor- 
ite outing of the group, and they plan to make it 
an annual event. 

Members of the Rafting Club are: Front Row. L to R: Nathan Brauer and Angela Harris. 
Back Row, L to R: Jonathan Hamilton. Kirk Winters, Michael Hughett, Liesl Meier, Joy 
Vaughn, and Rebekah Sotelo 

3 6 Building Community: Organizations 

Members of the Climbing Club are: Front row L to R: Alison Redford, Joseph Wise. 
Sarah LaRose. Margaret Long, Steve Lewin and Nathan Post. Back row L to R: Chris- 
tina Skees. Matt Marchman. Jacob Claassen. Rhett Bentson. Wendell Kinder, Sam Closer 
and Evan Fellers. 


Hold on tight! 
Nathan Post "walks 
the walk" of the dif- 
ficult cliff. The Day of 
Prayer trip to Foster 
falls is one of the most 
popular events and 
always draws a large 
turnout. The climb- 
ing club gives stu- 
dents from beginners 
to experts an oppor- 
tunity to learn climb- 
ing in a safe environ- 

Inspired climbers unite! Fellow climbers give sup- 
port to those on the cliff by cheering from below. 

Stephen Freas pays close attention as he belays 
for his fellow climber. The climbers put in a lot of 
hard work practicing proper techniques and 

Building Community Organizations i 7 

Ping Pong 

Jonathan Hamilton keeps his eye on the ball 
while maintaining perfect form. This is the sec- 
ond consecutive year for the Ping Pong club 
which originally ran from 1968-1975. 

Members of the Ping Pong Club are: Makoto 
Asano, Jeff Newton (instructor), Jonathan 
Hamilton. Kirk Winters and Matthew Peters. 

Matthew Peters makes 
sure that this one 
doesn't get away. The 

Ping Pong club seeks 
to promote the sport of 
table tennis and pro- 
vide the equipment and 
facilities necessary for 
the sport. 

Members of Psalm Club are: L to R: Peter Gay, Ken Montgomery, Sara Camenisch, and 
Stephen Majauskas. 

3 8 Building Community: Organizations 

Members ofMu Kappa are: Front Row, L to R: Stephanie Young, Liesl Meier, Matthew 
Peters, and Ruth Allison. Middle Row, L to R: Tiffany Box, Shlomit Maoz, Abby Hudson, 
Sara Camenisch, Sarah Booth, Amy Kyle, Miri Jamison, andJanette Crane. Back Row, 
L to R: Jonathan Stanton, Jeremy Cox, and Dan Hudson. 

Mu Kappa 


feyup M 

Karen Fink and Abby 
Hudson lend a hand 
in the kitchen. Mem- 
bers ofMu Kappa en- 
joy the opportunity 
they have to take lo- 
cal retreats 
thoughout the year. 

Members of the International club are: Front row, 
L to R: Carlos Canales, Anandit Mangalwadi, 
Miriam Mwaria, and Kevin Hake. Back row, L to 
R: Esther Alfonzo, Miri Jamison, Damaris Wessel, 
Jeremy Cox, AnaVarela, Elisa Moon and Joseph 

Suzanne Foucachon, Sara Camenisch, and Julia 
Ulrich relax during a meeting. 


Building Community: Organizations 3 9 


Officers of Rotaract are: Steve Rowe, Advisor, Jeff Larson, 
V.P. of Activities, Kirsten Chisholm, V.P. of Marketing, Tim 
Marshall, President, and Paul Kent, Treasurer. 

Members of Rotaract are: Front row, L to R: Kirsten Chisholm, 
Monica Linde, Jonathan Thrower, Tim Marshall, Chris Cosey, 
and Steve Rowe. Back row, L to R: Tiffany Albertson, Jeff Larson, 
Paul Kent, Bill Turner, and Greg Anderson. 

You know, this looks 
like a good idea. 

Jonathan Thrower and 
Paul Kent review the 
plans for an upcoming 

Members of the Computer Club are: Front row, L to R: Tim Larson, Tim Cleary, and Matt 
Kreueger. Back row. L to R: Jay Nelson, Jesse Strow, Kathryn Brightbill, Ben Huffine, 
Jonathan Crabb, Jeremy Cox, Jake Bennett, and Advisor Randy Smith. 

40 Building Community: Organizations 

Members of the Film Club are: Front Row. L to R: Ben Morrison, Paul Hinkson, Anna 
Grace Brown, Josh Howell, Jenni Manzo, and Shayna Miller. Back Row, L to R: Amanda 
Witvoet, Tim Larson, Adam Stewart, Kathryn Brightbill and Miri Jamison. 


W' ^1M 

9f M.*f - w 

E - C 

! SI 

Film Club 

Members of the Drama Association are: Front Row, L to R: 
Andy Crews, Paul Hinkson, Christine Alston, Lucas Fitts, 
Nicole Ellis, Jonathan Davis, Jodi Belk, Joel Pettigrew, Grace 
White, and Ben Parker. Back Row, L to R: Pablo Varela, Jer- 
emy Foreman, Michelle Higgins, Lauren Griffin, Matt Can, 
Moni Pappas, Aaron Mesh, Jenni Manzo, Haddon McKinney, 
and John Porter. 

Paul Hinkson and Ben Parker play their characters to a "T. " 

Drama Association 

Ben Morrison and Jer- 
emy Foreman work set- 
ting the scene while 
Andy Crews takes it 
easy. The Film Club 
gives students an op- 
portunity to experience 
working in film produc- 
tions right here on the 
Covenant campus. 

Building Community: Organizations 4 1 

Martial Arts 

James DeRuyter shows Mac Crockett one of his 
favorite moves. Students enjoy the martial arts 
club because it gives them an opportunity to learn 
a new skill in a safe environemnt. 

Instructor Jason Craven shows his students a new 
move and how to maintain good form at the same 

Jina Hawk knows the importance of proper 
stretching before practicing. The Martial Arts 
club meets for an hour and a half at a time and 
always begins with proper stretching exercises. 

Members of the Martial Arts Club are: L to R: . Mac Crockett, James DeRuyter, Jason 
Craven, instructor, Mary Rose Miller, and Jina Hawk. 

4 2 Building Community: Organizations 

Members of the Gospel Club are: From row, L to R: Pain Lucas, Heather Polk, Janette 
Crane, Michelle Higgins, Becky DePrine, and Julia Loud. Second row, LtoR: Harmony 
Honaker, Michelle Toner, Kat Barnes, Holly McMurtry, and Scharlie Frame. Back row, 
L to R: Matthew Peters, Ken Langley, Matt Marchman, June Webb, Andy Eisenbraun, 
Andy Kaufmann, and Thomas Andreas. 

Matthew Peters and Ken Langley share one of 
their favorite foods at the Gospel Club Christ- 
mas Party. They enjoy the Gospel Club because 
it gives them a chance to sing some of their favor- 
ite more contemporary songs in a group. 

Building Community: Organizations 43 

Nate Oster and Chris Powers practice for an up- 
coming performance. The Brass Choir practices 
every Thursday, and a lot of hard work goes into 
every piece they play. 

Members of the Brass Choir are: L to R: Director Dr. Timothy Steele, Eric Towers. Andy 
Crews. Melissa Withington, Travis Johnson, Nate Oster, Mallory Dean, Chris Powers, 
Kevin Magnuson, Jonathan Hubbard, and Ben Morrison. 

44 Building Community: Organizations 

Much to the delight of the guests, Steve Lewin and Sarah Poirier provide enjoyable 
music before the start of the Madrigal dinner. The dinner is one opportunity for mem- 
bers of the chamber orchestra to play in smaller ensemble groups. 


Practice makes perfect. 

Katy Barker knows that 
hard work and 
dilligence pay off. She 
is a not only a member 
of the Chamber Orches- 
tra, but of the Chatta- 
nooga Symphony as 
well, and enjoys the ex- 
perience that such an 
opportuniy affords. 

Members of Chorale put all they have into every 
practice. Every spring break the chorale goes on 
tour through! different parts of the United States, 
giving them a chance to perform to a wide variety 
of audiences. 

The Soprano section sings out beautiful melodies. 

The Chorale practices three times a week and is 
always a joy to hear perform. 


Building Community: Organizations 45 

Building Character 

"But Jesus called them to Himself and said, 'You 
know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over 
them, and those who are great exercise over 
them. Yet it shall not be so among you; but who- 
ever desires to become great among you, let him 
be your servant. And whoever desires to be first 
among you, let him be your slave — just as the Son 
of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, 
and to give His life a ransom for many.'" 

Matthew 20:25-28 

As Covenant students train to be leaders both for the 
present and for the future, it is important that they 
remember Christ's instructions regarding true leadership. 
It is through many of the activities represented in this 
section that students are not only building wisdom and 
community, but are also building character. 



As 1 1 :00 rolls around, students pour into 
the Chapel for daily "spiritual feeding." Chapel 
is the place for students to come and learn, praise, 
worship, and pray. Many speakers are asked to 
come and speak to the school about different top- 
ics; it could be anything from testimonies of their 
personal lives to familiar topics like forgiveness, 
the grace of God, and sin. 

Every Wednesday, small group Bible stud- 
ies meet. Some groups are with their halls, some 
with professors or administration, and some are 
grouped according to their intended majors. 

On Fridays, Chapel is taken over by stu- 
dents for praise. Some days are set aside for 
prayer. The floor is open to students who feel 
like praying for their fellow students. 

Chapel is a daily reminder of our relation- 
ships with Christ and what we need to do to make 
them stronger. 

For Day of Prayer, 
halls and small 
groups got together to 
pray with and for one 
another. 3rd Central 
went to a camp in Ala- 
bama where they spent 
the day outside pray- 
ing. "It was a great 
time for fellowship 
and a way for the girls 
to grow closer to- 
gether, " said Resident 
Advisor Jana Werson. 

4 8 Building Character 

Every Wednesday students gathered in their small groups. 

They would pray together, sing, share testimonies, and study 
the Bible. 

Students were entertained and uplifted when the Belarussian National 
Christian Choir came to perform at Covenant as part of their tour in the 
United States. They sang in their native language and played many un- 
usual instruments. 



%1 & 



• ^^^■^^^B/ir^ 

n Tlflll 

1 '. 

1 ; V 


ia^te. .^—etf 1 

Erin Stortz and Dan 
Henry lead students in 
praise songs. "Oasis is 
a wonderful opportu- 
nity for Covenant stu- 
dents to come together 
and to sing praises to 
the Lord. We are all 
blessed to have this 
union in Cod and to 
have the privilege of 
singing together with 
the group. " 

Monday through Friday, students head toward 
the chapel for a time of praise and worship. "I 

really enjoy chapels. It is a great break from the 
school day and gives me a chance to put my focus 
back on God. " said Jaclyn Ryder. 

Building Character 49 


a mug an 


Every March, students begin to grow anx- 
ious with thoughts of the beach dancing in their 
head. It can only mean one thing, Spring Break. 
However, a number of Covenant students use this 
time as an opportunity to serve the Lord. These 
are the students that spent their Spring Break on 
one of the five Break on Impact trips. These trips 
are an opportunity for students to spend some time 
ministering to others in a very different environ- 
ment than that which they see everyday 

Quite a bit of preparation goes must be 
put in to make these short term mission opportu- 
nities successful. Tuesday dinner meetings and 
Wednesday small group meetings every week 
were mandatory for those going on the trip to the 
Bowery Mission in New York City. "The bonds 
you form with people on the trip are incredible, 
but a lot of it also comes from all of the hard work 
you put into it together beforehand," said New 
York team member Neal Howard. 

Members of the North- 
ern Ireland team were 
given a special treat 
when some of the 
members of Crescent 
church, whom they 
had been working 
with in Belfast, took 
then out to dinner on 
their last evening. 

5 Building Character 

The Scotland team couldn 't help but to enjoy the beautiful countryside where they spent 
the time working with Steve and Liz Marr, full-time missionaries with MTW. One of the 

greatest needs in Scotland right now is more missionaries to work in the local schools 
which are thirsty for Christian revitalization. 

Emily Boatright, Jaymi Dorris and Katie Grant enjoy spending time with 
the children ofMbale, Uganda. While in Uganda, the group participated in 
house to house, or "hut to hut, " evangelism and invited those they talked 
with to come to the crusades they held every evening. 

A little break is well 
deserved after all of 
their hard work . Mem- 
bers of the Bowery Mis- 
sion New York City 
team take the opportu- 
nity to visit one of the 
Big Apple 's most rec- 
ognizable sites, the 
Empire State Building. 
The group also had the 
chance to see Victor 
Hugo '.v Lcs Miserahles 
performed on Broad- 

Members of the Miami, Florida team have fun 
hanging out at the park with some of the kids they 
got to work with during the week. This was the 
first year a group was sent to Miami and all those 
who went hope that the trip will continue to be 
included in the future. 

Building Character 5 1 


One of Moni's jobs 
was to contact the 
R.A.s in order to get 
pictures and stories. 

Monday night staff 
meetings were the 
highlight of 

everyone 's week. This 
night, Kate Stewart 
was snacking during 
the meeting, one of the 
staff's favorite activi- 





& i 


1i «mc 1 




I ij^^m 

Members of the Tartan staff are: Front Row L to R: Kate Stewart. Janelle 
Hensley. Middle Row. L to R: Emily Jordan. Nick Smith. Back Row L to R: 
Tiffany Alhertson, Megan Boutwell. Moni Pappas, Bethany LoPiccolo. 

5 2 Building Character 

Emily and Megan plan out the hall section of the yearbook. This is one of 
the biggest jobs, because it is important that the unique character of each 
hall be well-represented on its page. 

Nick so patiently helps 
out the sports editor, 
Emily Boatright, with 
a question about 
PageMaker. Nick's ex- 
pertise on PageMaker 
was a great asset to the 
staff, as no one else 
was very familiar with 
the program. 

Claire Larson works on captions for the student 
life section. Claire was one of the staff members 
who faithfully volunteered her time to assist the 
section editors. 

Building Character 5 3 


editors-in-chief contributing writers 

Eric Towers 

Jade Alger, Chris Ammons 

Neal N. Howard 

Scott Anderson, Thomas C. Andreas 

faculty advisor 

Andres Arroyo, Esther Belz 

Dr. Clifford Foreman 

Jake Bennett, Curran Bishop 


Matthew Bryant, Iain Burguet 

Leah Heisig 

Dirk Calloway, Carlos Canales 

Harmony Honaker 

Jos Carey, Nathan Clark 

Aaron Mesh 

Tim Cleary, Joel Collier 

Josiah Roe 

Justin Corder, Kevin Cornier 


Jeannette DiBernardo, Nikki Ellis 

Mike Vendsel 

Kristy Fan-, Autumn Fredericks 


Rachel Gleason, Sheldon Grizzle 

Jake Bennett 

Alina Hansinger, Ben Hardesty 

Ben Christmann 

Ben Harper, Nick Hemdon 


Wes Hollowell, Headier Honaker 

David Kaufmann 

Jonathan Hubbard, Ben Huffine 

Valerie Howard 

Frances James, Paul Jaussen 


Matt Jelley, Andy Kaufmann 

Jack Peterson 

David Kaufmann, Joe Kaufmann 


Mary Klinger, Philip L, Ledgerwood 

Fritz Schalmo 

Molly Maddox. Anandit Mangaiwadi 

Max Fisher (directing editor) 

Nathan Maphet, Ken Montgomery 

copy editing 

Becca Norman, Matt Novenson 

Kim Elliott 

Nate Osbom, Nate Oster 

Frances James 

Caitlin Pettit, Andy Perkins 


Jenny Prentice, David Robertson 

Eric Towers 

Josiah Roe, Jamin Scribner 

Neal N. Howard 

Nick Smith, Matthias Shapiro 


Jessica Spalding, Beth Stacey 

Jonathan Davis 

Bobby Stirling, Joel Swanson 

Peter Johnson 

Jessica Swartz, John Sweet 

Matt Kan- 

Yukiko Takata, Janine M. Tuininga 

Eric E. Towers 

Dave Vreken, Evan Williams 

business operations 

Mason Samuel Wolf. Dan Wykoff 1 

Bethany LoPiccolo 

4 Bui 

ding Character 

The Bagpipe serves as the college's student newspaper, being funded and run entirely by 
the students. For those who are willing to take on the challenge of working on the staff, 
the Bagpipe serves as a crash course in journalism, where libel and other various mistakes 
are part of the learning process. The staff is mostly comprised of a rag tag group of friends 
who hastily assemble articles at the last minute to provide the other 95% of the student 
body something to read. Of all the activities at Covenant, the Bagpipe is the one that is 
most likely to get the school sued-however, we were unsuccessful this year. 

Buildins Character 5 5 

Student Venture 

On a beach trip with Student Venture, Shanna 
Barrett takes part in an exciting game of tug of 
war with a high school girl. It is through activi- 
ties like this that kids see Christ in their leaders. 

Matt Mantooth practices a few songs on the gui- 
tar before a Student Venture Meeting. Music is a 
; part of youth ministry because it draws people 
in and breaks down wails. 

Members of Student Venture are: Front Row L to R: Christine Norwood, Corrin Ranney, 
Shanna Barrett, Karen Fink. Back Row L to R: Jason Wood, Aaron Rapier, Bobby 
Stirling, Jake Bennett, Dan Hudson. 

5 6 Building Character 

Members of Young Life are: Front Row L to R: Justin Walton, Wes Hollowell. Back Row 
L to R: Mary- Alice Hamby, Kate Stewart. Laura Bursi, Beth Valkenburg. 


High school students, 
like this one from East 
Ridge High School, 
loved the beautiful fall 
weekend at Young 
Life 's Sharp Top Cove. 
The camp gives kids a 
place to be themselves 
and hear about Christ. 

Suzanne Prager and Beth Valkenburg have be- 
come friends with a group of girls from Gordon 
Lee High School. Through these relationships, 
the girls get a small picture of Christ's love for 

Wes Hollowell attended camp as a leader for 
East Ridge High School. Experiences like these 
provide opportunities for deeper relationships. 

Buildina Character 5 7 

Nursing Home Ministry 

Christina Jones and Marion Pickett, active par- 
ticipants in the Nursing Home Ministry, gather 
in the mail room to encourage one another. 

Dora Mugerwa loves participating in the Nurs- 
ing Home Ministry because it gives her a chance 
to know a group with whom she would normally 
not have much contact. 

Members of Nursing Home Ministry are: L to R: Kirk Winters. Marion Pickett, Lael 
Rodriguez, Christina Jones. 

5 8 Building Character 

Members of Widows ' Ministry are: Front Row L to R: Nicole Horton. Bethy 
Mehne, Emily Jones. Back Row L to R: John Sweet, Sarah Ireland. Michael 

Widows' Ministry 

A huge part of the Wid- 
ows' ministry is spiri- 
tual encouragement. 

While many of the stu- 
dents participate so 
they can minister to the 
widows, many find that 
these women become a 
blessing to them. 

Senior John Sweet has developed a friendship with 
Helen through the Widows ' ministry. As the min- 
istry grows, students are able to have more one- 
on-one time with these women. 

Emily Jones has loved her first year of working 
with this group of godly women. Students like 
Emily aim to help these women spiritually, as well 
as with their physical needs. 

Building Character 5 9 

The Evangelism Club is not afraid to lake a little 
time off to relax as a group. They use times like 
these to encourage one another in the Lord. 

Members of Evangelism are: Front Row, L to R: Christina Skees, Ruth Allison, Rachel 
Lester, Matthias Shapiro. Middle Row, L to R: Esther Alfonzo, Aaron Mesh, Jamin 
Scribner, Erik Swanson. Back Row, L to R: Becca Norman, Deborah Peele, David 
Robertson, Tiffany Albertson, Katherine Brightbill. Joy Vaughn, Rebekah Sotelo, John 

60 Building Character 

Members of Commissioned are: Front Row L to R: Susan Hansen, April Counts. Back 
Row L to R: J anna Mclndoe, Julia Ulrich, Lxnea Hofseth. 

The Commissioned 

Lynea Hofseth and 
Sara Camenisch take 
time to share and listen, 
so that they can know 
how to better pray for 
those serving God at 
home and abroad. 

These students have definitely learned the impor- 
tance of prayer. Their prayers are felt around the 
world, as unbelievers come to know Christ. 

Former Covenant College student Laura Hansen 
models a sari she picked up on her trip to India. 

For each meeting, the group tries to have a guest 
speaker who can help them see the ways Cod is 
working worldwide, as well as provide them with 
prayer requests. 

Buildins Character 6 I 


Melissa Baird stands with Savannah after a long 
tutoring session. Even though kids are not al- 
ways excited about learning, it helps to have an 
older friend to assist them. 

Even though school work is a serious matter, 
Beth Anderson and her friend take time to laugh 
and smile together. New City Fellowship pro- 
vides an environment in which the student can 
have fun, as well as become better prepared for 

Members of GLAD are: Front Row L to R: Amy Claire Hall, Jane Baldschun. Back Row 
L to R: Melissa Baird, Holly McMurtry, Susan Hansen. 

6 2 Building Character 

Members of Homeless are: Front Row: Josiah Roe. Middle Row L to R: Jesse Strow 
Anne Brainerd, June Webb, Bethany Franks, Fernando WindemuIIer, Aaron Mesh Matt 
Hedinger, Paul Jaussen, Nathan Brinkerhoff. Back Row L to R: Jade Alger, Nathan 

Homeless Ministry 


Ii V 



< - 



fSm &% 


Students from Dade 
County Middle School 
and their mentors from 
Covenant loved their 
trip to Opry Land Ho- 
tel. The mentors not 
only want to help these 
students in school, they 
also want to help them 
enjoy life. 

Members of Mentoring are: Front Row L to R.- 
Lisa Franceshini, BrianaHart, Lies! Meier. Middle 
Row L to R: Warren Trice, Ben Trice. Back Row L 
to R: Allison Atkins, Ashley Archambo, Mary 
Ohanian, Amy Roebke. 

Melenda and Covenant student Julie Leos have 
come to be friends through the mentoring pro- 


Building Character 63 

Student Senate 

One of senate's first jobs was assisting with ori- 
entation. They want Covenant students to know 
that this group is friendly and approachable. 

President Autumn Fredericks looks on while 
Matthew Bryant finishes a task. Autumn wants 
to make sure that everything is done with the high- 
est quality. 

Members of Student Senate are: L to R: Jenny McCarty, Isaac Wardell, Mary Alice 
Hamby. Matthew Bryant. Kathryn Bragdon, Autumn Fredricks, John Tyler, Jamin Scribner, 
Nathan Brauer. John Sweet. 

64 Building Character 

Members of CAB are: Front Row: Andy Crews. Middle Row L to R: Paul Hinkson, Matt 
Hedinger, Carrie Rantal, Becca Norman (sitting in for Kelly Clarkson). Back Row: 
Isacc Warded. 

Justin Corder slides 
down the inflatable 
slide, one of the many 
Siamsa attractions 
during homecoming. 
The rainy weather did 
not stop anyone from 
having a blast. 

One of the favorite fall events for CAB was the 
Phil Keaggy concert, which attracted students, 
faculty, and local residents. Watching Keaggy' s 
skilled fingers and listening to the music was mes- 

After the fall play, CAB members organized a 
classy evening of jazz on the overlook. Students 
loved the melodies and the free cheesecake and 
hot beverages. 

Building Character 65 

The Thorn 

Ana and Danelle examine their handiwork in a 
most intense fashion. Even though the "Thorn" 
is hard work, it all pays off in the end. 

Chris Amnions, editor-in-chief of the fall 
"Thorn," must make sure each copy meets his 
high standards, before placing it in the hands of 
persons anxious for the "Thorn "to hit the streets. 

Members of the Thorn are: Front Row L to R: Josiah Roe, David Illman (spring editor). 
Heather Honaker. Back Row L to R: Andrew Stewart, Danelle Dillon, Ana Varela, 
Jonathan Thrower, Chris Amnions (fall editor), Jaymi Dorris. 

6 6 Building Character 

Members of Chattanooga Children 's Ministry are: Front Row L to R: Laura O 'Dell, 
Liana Cirton, Mary Ohanian. Middle Row L to R: Amy Schalansky, Amanda Witvoet. 
Back Row L to R: Ben Robertson, Rob Righter, Kristine Brangwin, Susan Crenshaw, 
Heidi Meiners. Katie Garriott. 

Children's Ministry 

Bill McLellan gives a 
lesson at the Christmas 
party, and the kids sit 
spellbound. The lead- 
ers have gained the at- 
tention of the kids be- 
cause of the love they 
show them. 

Kristine Brangwin helps children from Eastlake 
Apartments with the crafts for the week. These 
crafts help the kids better understand their lesson. 

Amy Schalansky, co-leader of Chattanooga 
Children 's Ministry, carries Abria on her shoul- 
ders. Interactions with the kids are filled with 
piggy back rides, hugs, and lots of love. 

Building Character 6 7 


"Behold, how good and how pleasant it is 
For brethren to dwell together in unity! 
It is like the precious oil upon the head, 
Running down on the beard, 
The beard of Aaron, 

Running down on the edge of his garments. 
It is like the dew of Hermon, 
Descending upon the mountains of Zion; 
For there the LORD commanded the blessing- 
Life forevermore " 

Psalm 133 

The people shown here 
are the ones that run 
Founders and give it a 
great year. The R.D.s, 
R.A.s, and FOSSIL. 
members do their best 
to make Founders a 
pleasant place to live. 

The R.A.s and FOSSIL 
staff arrived hack to 
school in the fall before 
the new students ar- 
rived so that they could 
decorate the halls and 
help the freshmen move 
into their new home. 
The FOSSIL staff took 
a well deserved break 
to Blue Hole for some 
fun and fellowship in 
the middle of orienta- 
tion week. 

7 Building Relationships: Halls 

Founders Hall 


R.A.: Jonathan Crabb 

Fossil: James DeRuyter, 

Jon Murton, and Ben 



R.A.: Julie Moore 

Fossil: Moriah Rayburn 

and Kate Stewart 


R.A.: Danielle Gay 

Fossil: Beth Painter, Katie 

Feamster, and Kim Mills 


R.A.: Tom Okie 

Fossil: Wes Hollowell and 

Fernando Windemuller 

First Belz 

R.A.: Greg Anderson 

Fossil: Jesse Elliott and 

Sean McDowell 


R.A.: Paul Hinkson 

Fossil: Ben Morrison and 

Andy Crews 


R.A.: Mindy Johnson 

Fossil: Sarah Martin and 

Deborah Peele 


R.A.: Pete Herron 

Fossil: Ken Langley 


R.A.: Rachel Tilley 

Fossil: Sara Akin and Beth 



R.A. Meggin Hayes 

Fossil: Jennifer Lefler and 

Julie Swanson 

Who could imagine a Christmas party without Christinas carols? Lionel 
van der Westhuizen and Ken Langley lead in some of everyone 's favorite 
Christmas hymns. 

Building Relationships: Halls 7 1 


The year was A.D. 2000, and a man named 
Lao ruled the kingdom of Blackwatch and al 
was peaceful. Lao came to power by mooch- 
ing off larger surrounding lands, and with the 
aid of his trusty wise men The Ship of Win 
and Mike the thinker guy, Lao ruled peace- 
fully. Blackwatch was peaceful until the ar- 
rival of two new tribes of Covenantarians. The 
tribes of the Amazons and the Gallerarians al- 
lied and attacked from the North. King Lao 
gathered his forces and the men of 
Blackwatch prepared for battle. There was 
the big yet stealthy James the Comical and 
his trusty sidekick JJA riding his trusty mule. 
The fashionable Larson brothers dressed in 
their most expensive fleeces and put on their 
finest cologne for the battle. The men at arms, 
Ben the chaste and Billy the beautiful, strode 
their steeds to battle. Chris the powerful 
brought his knowledge of battles, and Jamin 
the cleric brought the holy word to protect the 
heroes. T-dog harnessed the power of the wild 
dog while his partner Nick rested in his bed 
not wanting to overexert himself. Andy the 
Italian Stallion, Aaron the Armadillo, Ian the 
Quintarian. Agent Orange the Gemplarian, 
Jesse the giant Strowman, Cheese the min- 
strel, and Macus of Texas each brought their 
own special techniques. The two foreign Is- 
raelites Earl of Joe and Erik the Swan trav- 
eled half a world to aid their brothers. Mr. 
Casanova came from Liberia, Jay the foreign 
mercenary from Rivendell, and Jason the ninja 
came prepared for battle. Wang the Wholeton, 
The prince of Blackwatch, donned his golden 
armor and galloped with his brothers to meet 
the mighty feminine warriors on the Yard of 
the Scots. 

Chris the Powerful, the Ship of Win, 
and Mike the thinker guy planned the battle 
strategy to the minutest detail. James used his 
magical invisible button and. . . 

(continued on page 210) 

( a handsome bunch! Nick, Crabby, Ethan, Mac, and Eddie are all 
:sed up for Madrigals dinner, one of die favorite campus events of the year. 

One ofBlackwatch 'shall traditions is to cover their faces in the skit night 
picture. It seems like there are a few rebels this year! 

7 2 Building Relationships: Halls 

The hall skit about the United Bachelors of 
America had the whole room laughing. The best 
part of the whole thing was eating Krispy Kreme 
doughnuts on stage. 

Susan Crenshaw and Deirdre Nawrocki laugh as 
they discuss their revenge against Rivendell. The 

boys found a surprise present under the tree- con- 
traband items from their hall 

It seems the Jungle has become a target hall for 
expanding mischievious horizons. Paper towel, 
toilet paper, and soap dispensers and even toilet 
seats have all been found missing on occasion. 
Our kitchen was also once stripped clean (not to 
mention when our water fountain was knocked 
off the wall.) At least we found all of our stuff; it 
was nicely decorating the Founders front porch 
area. The smelliest prank award goes to the dead 
fish we've found in random places along the hall... 
and the smelly runner up is a tie between the 
rotten milk poured outside one of the rooms and 
the stink bombs that have found their way into 
our ceiling panels. The most disgusting prank 
happened when someone put a dead possum in 
our hall stocking and hung it on the door. Nice 
Christmas present we were all very grateful. And 
last, but not the least in any way, was when our 
hall was totally ransacked. By that, I mean our 
hall was a DISASTER! We had a hall party off 
the mountain and returned to basically empty 
rooms and a very full hall. Most of our things- 
mattresses included-were stuffed in our quiet 
commons. The alarm clocks were in one neat 
pile, curling irons in another, shoes in yet an- 
other. You get the picture, right? Try sorting 
through hundreds of pairs of shoes; we dare you. 
Payback? Of course not-we're nice girls. Really! 



> £1 

2. n333E3o8>SK! 

m <•> 




— % $ ° "■ 

-a =s 
n" ti 

;ica Lam 
h Alliso 
nelle Dil 
riah Ray 
y Schala 
y Roebk 
ky Glea; 

3 3 


an Cre 
il Lock 
: Moo 
e Stew 

- % ^ F? 

=r o 

sr o 

q 5 

,3 Q " =><£ 3 °-q- 3 °~ 

" zj 


3 n Sj - 

Building Relationships: Halls 7 3 

What a creative skit about the possibly scary 
combinations of roommates that could occur to 

Another girls ' night out . Former Balcony girls 
Ryan Steinbrecher and Jessica LaRose invited the 
hall over to their new house for dinner. 

74 Building Relationships: Halls 

Catacombs poses after they steal the Loft's 
clothes and wear them to dinner. Do you think 
Rob Jackson would be impressed by their act? 

Pictures of Che Guavera, Rob Jackson, and Baby 
Maphet are displayed at the folk festival that 
Catacombs put on this past fall. The folk festival 
was well attended and lasted until the wee hours 
of the morning. 

One rigid miglet from hobtail mooon was 
a dranteeg an' a' flipsin like a hat- chair 
bullooon. sucked inbetween the sky and 
earth's drainage - to fish the pools of scar- 
zipsom and frag villa rum shey. like a mon- 
ster, da miggle crepted threw the valleys 
of the dinner men. They ate their meats with 
utensils made of lolly-stickle pens, shak- 
ing intimadatedly from boxing-in their be- 
liefs --- they fubbled on crutches and 
motorcinkle feeels. Perhaps the wheels on 
their tennis shoes and the shades of hue 
about de nostrils-kept them busy nicht and 
grey yonder patio of postachio mittens. 
Warm scarfs a glitter-like with pickle bikes 
and fickle hieghts-did murmur sounds of a 
softened love from somewhere gently be- 
yond the caben. linger you lovers and lu- 
natics sickly stung by hollow grips on poli- 
tics, and ye naked galtrods, gumflies, 
gal loots aloof— in cahoots adrift— unsurpass 
the gift, to flee the brace of some flimsy 
slicks and to sincerely stick toheather. Gone 
overboard but still underdogs, gone hag- 
gardly but perhaps humbly wise, into an 
atmosphere uncommercialized— enter the 
hole which is our hall. 


' O ^" 3^ h» i 

O » O » a^n ODn ™ 

,-, =S ^^3 _^ X _ Q_ <" 3" 

SS3 S 

Building Relationships: Halls 7 5 

1 st Belz 

As new students to Covenant, I do 
not think that any of us would have cho- 
sen 1st Belz as the place to live. The carpet 
is stained, despite laying down new carpet 
this summer, there is no space, and there 
are carpeted walls. At the beginning of the 
semester, everything was cleaned, but that 
only lasted a few days. But, it is our home. 
In terms of the comforts of home, Belz is 
one of the last places one would choose to 
live, yet, we are here. We realize the hall is 
more than walls and floors and space. It 
goes beyond the hall events. It is the indi- 
vidual people and characteristics that make 
the hall. We cherish the flooded urinals and 
wrestling matches. 

Most of our meaningful friendships 
come from 1st Belz. The theme of the hall 
has always been "Unity in Diversity," and 
it is the same this year. We have computer 
nerds, military men, guitarists, martial arts 
students and "Ultimate" players. Yet, we 
live in fellowship in Christ. 

Well, Dr. Krabbendam, are you going to be tell- 
ing a story to your companions, the man in black, 
Robin Hood and—who is that other guy? 

Do you want to know what is in the box? Too 

bad, they didn 't tell us either. 

7 6 Building Relationships: Halls 

Extreme Stonehenge! The hall skit did a great 
job of introducing all of Founders to Stonehenge. 
the new and improved Second Belz. 


/. ancient ruins in England where men 
worshipped the sun 2. ancient ruins in 
Founders between First Belz and The 
Loft where men worship the Son 

Tumor Smarty Boy Party-a summer release 

Paul's official RA to do list: 

I. Win the Founders Hall Holler 

II. Win Founders Skit night: 
-Destroy a chess board with a battle-axe 
-Chase the Scream killer with said battle-axe 
-Alligator hunter wrestling a horny toad 
-Bring in Agent Smith from the Matrix 
-Scot Evil kills Dr. Evil 
-Cameo by Dr. Krabbendam 
-Dress the hairiest member of the hall in 


III. Win at least two intramural games 

IV. Make a Top 5 list of the most overly 
quoted lines on Stonehenge 

5. I'm the evil midnight bomber what 

bombs at midnight! 
4. Good thing I was wearing neutral gang 
colors or else I might have had to pull 
out my nine and bust a cap. I got my 
mind on the money, got the money on 
my mind. 

I fear you not old woman, neither you 
nor your blue hair! 

Hed, move that gargantuan cranium. 
His hed is huge! I'm not kiddin', it looks 
"ike an orange on a toothpick. It's like 
Sputnik, spherical and pointy in parts. 
I think I hurt his feelings, now he's 
gonna go cry on his huge pilla. 

. What do you mean by vision? By vi- 
sion do you mean cheese... 

Hall trip to Salisbury, England to visit 
Stonehenge (this one might depend on 
the hall budget). 



Building Relationships: Halls 77 

JC ^ r- M-u 

o £ | M E < 

"^m b_ U *C £ 

u < Z m I JS,U 

uj U Q 


One day the Loft was packing up for a hike. 
Shea packed 37 bags of Hershey's dark 
chocolate, and Jenny brought Algernon, 
saving her from death. Heather B. made 
sure to grab her crochet needles, while Polk 
conveniently forgot her razor. There were 
three stragglers--Emily S, Jocelyn, and 
Janette S, who kept stubbing their toes and 
bumping into trees and boulders. Yet, they 
felt no pain as they read the letters from 
their distant loves. Janette C. and Tiffany 
lead the group with Spanish singing. A 
mighty blizzard hit, and the group became 
trapped in a small cave that some of the 
girls found. Immediately the girls began 
working to solve the problem at hand. 
Danelle and Sarah teamed up to figure out 
how the Loft would get down. Heather B. 
was asked to attend to the more immediate 
problem of keeping everyone warm, but 
before she could start crocheting, Nellie 
and Allison made sure to give her the pink 
string so as to be hip when they got down. 
As the evening dragged on. Shea's supplies 
began to dwindle, and everyone was hun- 
gry. Much to Jenny's horror, Careth real- 
ized her dreams of being a tiger had not 
truly been fulfilled at Kilter and began to 
stalk Algernon. Jane ran away, 'cause she 
likes to run. Katie G. was a pre-med major, 
but she could only diagnose the girl's sick- 
nesses (she hadn't gotten far enough in the 
book to know about cures). Brie fell asleep 
but kept saying, "Kilt, I need my kilt!" 
Deborah clicked her heels and muttered 
"there's no place like home." As you 
would expect, the facilities were not good 
and Kara said, "Oh my lands, I have to pee 
like the dickens." By this time everyone 
was cold except Shea and Polk for obvi- 
ous reasons. To calm everyone, Liz read 
Dr. Seuss. When asked about the dilemma. 
Mindy replied, "I don't want to hear about 
it!" All Elisa could say was, "Wow! I tell 
you what, wow." Jocelyn got ill and vom- 
ited all over Brie's pack so Emily J. pointed 
out that. "Guys, that's not nice." then some- 
one asked, "Hey, where's Christy?" All the 
girls except Shea and Polk died from be- 
ing cold. And, Christy lived but that was 
just because she was on the phone when 
the hall left. So, what is the moral of this 
silly story? Grow your own leg hair or de- 
cide on a freaking T-shirt! 

The Loft loves to go places together. This group really enjoyed their hike 
and the fellowship it brought. 

7 8 Building Relationships: Halls 

The Rivendell warriors show off their true colors 
during their hall skit. 

Haddon and Matt discuss how they are going to 
get out of the forest without getting hurt. Maybe 
the huge orange backpack will help! 

The Warriors of Rivendell have gathered 
this year to become a powerful force on 
campus. These warriors are from many dif- 
ferent backgrounds and civilizations and 
bring many different cultures to the hall. 
There is an Ugandan/Kenyan warrior and 
a South African/Chilean Warrior, an Ecua- 
dorian Warrior, a Japanese Kamakazi/ 
Samurai Warrior and a Portugese Warrior. 
There are also Warriors from Nashville, 
Dalton, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Pittsburg, 
Chicago, San Francisco, and Syracuse. It 
is a diverse group of warriors that come 
from different places and bond as a unit of 
warriors. The nature of these warriors is a 
mystery, but anyone who challenges them 
understands that they are fully prepared for 
battle and always on the look-out for any- 
thing out of the ordinary. These warriors 
are also musical. They are known to sing 
and play many guitars. If you stop by, they 
will either entertain you or destroy you. 
Just kidding, relax! 


cro_=J — „ =J Q_ZJ 5T 3 zrr?3 S r? ^ ™~ 
°~ - "^ ^T ?- °- r~ 3 -r -r- T " ■; rn 

s ej 


3 5' 

Building Relationships: Halls 7 9 


What do you get when you combine.... An 
annoyingly cheerful beautician who won't 
be on the hall for long, a 6 foot drunken 
actress from L.A, a little achin". The Belles 
of Birmingham, a girl who danced with a 
frog, a not-quite-Amish girl, an OPC saxo- 
phonist, a Dutch Tigger with red-hair, Pride 
and Joy, a graduate of First Pres. Gay 
school... I mean, Day School, an Alaskan 
princess, a red-headed runner, a Jordanian 
EMT, a UTC wannabe, Mrs. David 
Duchovny, the Simpson's baby-sitter, a girl 
who's a little Stout, the girl who had her 
prom in Michael W. Smith's barn, Cahree's 
roommate, the Queen of Quiet Hour, a 
homeless dancer, the one-man, and... a half 
Cuban who doesn't speak Spanish and has 
never been to Cuba? 


We are Gallery! 1 got all my sisters with me! 
We are Gallery! Get up ev'rybody and sing! 

The Gallery girls gel ready for a night at the sym- 
phony. Compared to the others, Janelle, Liana 
and Anne are looking underdressed. 

Gallery showed a lot of diversity in their hall skit. 
They also seemed to have a lot of fan. 

8 Building Relationships: Hall 

Rainy Day, glorious as a paper bag. 

All thai 's left is a dried bee, tilted onto one wing. 

A mind having fled long ago to the corner of a 
swept room. 


Building Relationships: Halls 8 1 


The men of Sutherland 
get dressed up and 
ready to go out. Maybe 
they are wishing they 
could be in the Matrix. 

This is Kat and Dan 
Haase's second year as 
the resident directors of 
Maclellan Hall. They 
make sure that life in the 
building runs smoothly 
for all of its residents. 

8 2 Building Relationships: Halls 

Maclellan Hall 

Do they have cages for these ani- 
mals? We hope so because otherwise 
they are breaking school policy 
against pets. 


R.A. Nate Oster 
Council: Gerald Collins 


R.A. Dan Wykoff 
Council: Derek Rigby and 
Josef Roberts 


R.A. Krista Deutschmann 
Council: Lael Rodriguez 


R.A. Katie Stortz 
Council: Molly Porter and 
Sara Allen 

Maclellan council helps the R.D. and R.A. staff in decisions about student 
life in Maclellan. They plan many activities for residents of the dorm, in- 
cluding Alatheia forum and a free babysitting night for children of profes- 

Building Relationships: Halls 8 3 

B u v t c M ™ 

^ 2 -o o _c ^ E 

CO CD M "8 2 O = 

-^< m Z 4h Q LJ 4Q 


< (— h- O ce 


From the day all the guys were arriving and 
1 was told that someone had blown a fuse 
in their room-three times- netting up track 
lighting and another room wanted a dresser 
in the bathroom so their underwear would 
be ready out of the shower, I knew I was 
going to love this hall. Sutherland isn't just 
a bunch of guys anymore. There is no 
longer a Sutherland North, South or Cen- 
tral, but the hall is now one. These guys, 
learning to be men, love one another, pray 
for one another and encourage one another. 
Singing to Marge at Randy's, Top Gun vol- 
leyball, dressing up for the heck of it, re- 
vealing that the Rasta man was in fact Presi- 
dent Brock, Steak n' Shake, and Christmas 
lights were all part of the bonding. Our 
Father gives many blessings, not the least 
of which is Sutherland. 

Look at the size of that thing. The burger that is, 
not Jonathan; we hope he is hungry. 

What do you get when you cross a court jester, 
some medieval men, and some guys in suits? You 
get a group of guys looking for dates for Madri- 

84 Building Relationships: Halls 

The guys of Suburbs pose for a picture on the 
stage in Sanderson. Hopefully they really like 
each other, because they had to crowd in for this 

Okay guys very, funny! Now. give C.J. back his 
towel so he can get to class. 

Building Relationships: Halls 8 5 

o E £ u o 

^ o < 5 ^ 

^ 5 « £ ° 

^. Zi iy-> ^ S 

i » o ^ S 


c _ <t ~o !2 _sz „ cu 

<*Sl3 3 ~S 00 u 1 -^ ^ u cii ^ 


Once upon a time in a land far away there was a 
guy named Prince Miscotslor. He spent most of 
his time harmoniously digging in the basement 
of his castle. What he was looking for people were 
not sure, but he was getting older and needed to 
find a princess who enjoyed excavation as much 
as he did. So there went up from the king a decree 
to find out what kind of women were available in 
the land of Covenanter. Turns out not many were 
that interested in the prince, because he seemed 
like kind of a dork. But the king did manage to 
find 24 interesting young ladies who all lived at 
the top of the nicest housing in town, on Halcyon 
Lane. The 6 newest to Covenanter were examined 
first. The king noticed that they were all wearing 
wedding dresses, so he thought that was a good 
sign. But after he saw that they were kleptomani- 
acs with video cameras, he decided against them. 
Next the king turned to the two next door, but 
they were busy banging on the wall trying to get 
the six to be quiet and he went on with his search. 
At the other end of the lane, he discovered two 
sets of 4 young ladies. The first 4 were dressed 
and ready for a sports tournament; the king real- 
ized that they were to busy with sports to consider 
Prince Miscotlor. The other four were nearly en- 
gaged to other young men of Covenanter, and the 
king continued his journey. As he was getting 
ready to leave, he turned a corner and discovered 
another cul-de-sac of Halcyon Lane. "Surely," the 
king mused. "I can find someone here." So he be- 
gan to work the rooms, beginning with the C.I.T. 
room, which had mysteriously turned into the Far 
Eastern exchange student room. They were gone 
to the house, as usual. So, the king went across the 
hall to the Queen's room, where she was baking 
brownies in her fire protectant suit with her cook- 
book in hand and her mom on the phone for in- 
structions. While she talked with the king, her 
roommate noticed that the brownies were burn- 
ing, and once again, a cooking masterpiece from 
the queen. Needing a daughter-in-law with cook- 
ing abilities, he turned to the last room on the 
hall. In this room there were 4 very different young 
ladies. The first was practically perfect in every 
way, and the king nearly picked her, but after dis- 
covering that her bedtime was 8:00 realized that 
his digging son would need more of a night owl. 
The second spent most of her time watching the 
sports of the land, making sure that she kept it 
cool and kept her options open. The king decided 
she was a little to feisty for his son and went to the 
next. The third was busy choosing her clothes for 
the next day and washing the dishes. "Industri- 
ous," thought the king, "but a little much." And 
then, he caught sight of the last. And what a sight 
she was. from her blue toes to her rat. She told the 
king all that her neighbors had taught her at the 
Christmas party, and the king was impressed. "Af- 
ter all my son is tall and this one does enjoy dig- 
ging!" So he chose the big one and they went 
home to live happily ever after. 

8 6 Building Relationships: Halls 

It was such a pretty day that the girls from Rowan 
decided to have a hall picnic, it was a perfect 
time of year, because the leaves were changing to 
many brilliant shades. 

Joya and Becky are getting ready for Kilter. What 
better famous duo than salt and pepper? From 
their foil caps to their "S" and "P" this was a 
clever idea. 

The 1 999-2000 year for Rowan Hall has been 
filled with laughter from 26 voices. It has been great to 
see how the Lord has worked in each life and has knit us 
together as a hall. Life is full of doors to walk through 
and as K.D. puts it. "It is much harder to walk through a 
closed door than open one!" The hall is full of funny 
times; perhaps it is just watching [Crista fall over in the 
hallway for no particular reason or it is going into K.I. 
and B.C.'s good lime, amusement park room. A new 
semester brings new friends but also brings friends mov- 
ing off the hall. ..or did they as we hear L.R. cry out, 
"Someone's been sleepin' in my bed!" and B.D. think- 
ing aloud "I thought Christina moved out?" There are 
always those phrases that a hall becomes accustomed to 
hearing - "sketchy," 'True that," "sure not," "1/2 friend," 
"The Full Monty," "the Claw," "I'm gonna marry him," 
and "Tim McGraw is the greatest." There are also those 
standard questions: "Debra, don't you have your own 
room?" or " a shower...?" or "Aren't JEEPs the 
best?" (R.G. and B.C. beg to differ?) or "Is that Bebo?" 
or "Does it look like I have chicken pox?" or "Man, I just 
finished my Twizzlers." So many great memories from 
the year. Wondering into rooms you might've heard A.L. 
exclaim, "OK, what's the doily doing on my desk?" or 
B.D. stating the obvious that Marion is sleeping again or 
B.C. asking "Are you two still talking about shaving?" 
Whatever it is, there are always conversations to get in 
on. And so the year ends and what a great year it 

has been. Laugh every so often about the funny 
memories... even if it is the thought of a horse and car- 
riage running a red light! Before we go, though, we 
wanted to wish one person a "happy honeymoon. ..and 
don't forget the pills." 


i<?5' D o ; ^> 1 ^>i2 > c~ rr| 'cT? 0D ci?^rr CT, ^n 

3 Q < 

ST o 
3 => 

n on 

3 SM 

Building Relationships: Halls 8 7 

Carter Council is a 
group of students who 
strive to bring unity to 
Carter dormitory. They 
coordinate hall deco- 
rations. Skit Night, and 
Tour De Carter in or- 
der to make life in 
Carter a little more fun. 

These girls are on their 
way to exercise. But 

first they have to show 
off their physique. 


1 k ft 

Jonathan and Suzi 
Entrekin are the Resi- 
dent Directors of Carter. 
Here, they are taking 
their son Asher to see 
the lights at Rock City 
during Christmas time. 

8 8 Building Relationships: Halls 

Carter Hall 

Whoopi Goldberg made a guest ap- 
pearance at Carter skit night this 
year. Actually, it is Covenant's own 
Pamela Lucas performing Sister Act. 

2nd South 

R.A. Nate Early 

Council: Matt Hedinger, 

Brenden Allen 

2nd Central 

R.A. Josh Hinman 

Council: Scotty Manor, 

Kevin Struyck 


R.A. Mike Dixon 

Council: Stephen Cook, 

Jeff Bulthuis 

3rd South 

R.A. Mary Grace Rogers 

Council: Ginny Barker, 

Katie Sligh 

3rd Central: 

R.A. Jana Werson 

Council: Emmaline 

Newman, Heather 


3rd North: 

R.A. Liz Sands 

Council: Michelle Toner, 

Katie Ibsen 

4th South: 

R.A. Jenny Erbel 

Council: Anna Boatright, 

Debbie Nisbet, Kelly 


4th Central: 

R.A. Maryanne Challies 

Council: Annaliese 

Gilman, Bailey Martz 

4th North: 

R.A. Grace McLellan 

Council: Keresa Heyse, 

Lydia Counts 

5th South: 

R.A. Janelle Bulicz 

Council: Emily Boatright, 

Amy Kyle 

5th North: 

R.A. Carlle-Lize 


Council: Paige Perret, 

Kathy Miner 

The Carter R.A.s work hard to enrich their hallmates' lives in so many 

ways. Their job isn 't all hard work, it is a lot of fun as well. 

Building Relationships: Halls 8 9 

3 o a. -o\"j E £0c£ 

^ "~ LU I— (j , 

o (J m 

O ° O ° $ 2 & 

2nd South 

Apparently the guys on Second South think they 
are all king. Or are they just court jesters? 

Second South did their own rendition of a Cov- 
enant soccer game. Apparently. John Wayne 
showed up for this one. 

90 Building Relationships: Hall 

Second Central did a lot of miniature skits at 
Carter skit night. This gave them a chance to 
really show the diversity on their hall. 

These two just made a Krispy Kreme doughnut 
run. Since Krispy Kreme is open all night long, it 
is a popular place to take a break during a long 
night of studying, 

Summing up my four years on Central is hard for me to 
put into words. And mainly what comes to mind are 
short phrases, most of which the general public will not 
understand. So to the fellas. . .thanks for four great years. 
Here are a few of my memories: KY, Hall Prayer and 
Praise, What kind of name is Felix, PCB-Fall Break '99, 
Alfonzo, "The String Dance," It's Vaden's Day. ..hey 
something's on the roof, On Central.'s always open 
dorms, Hey . . .1 think it's that Big and Small guy, "Lady 
on the hall". . .oh 'hi' Mrs. Lyon, You're only allowed to 
argue if you are in the back seat, You boys looking for 
your mammas?, Tiki Bar anyone?, No Chapel... what 
happened?. Hot Chin-chilla, camping on Day of Prayer, 
Pumpkin carving, Pursuit of Holiness... or a fig leaf - 
just ask Carlisle, Anyone seen my glasses?, 2C skits... 
"Feel it!"... "You goin' to Kilter with me!" ... the A- 
Team, "SECOND CENTRAL" on the Covenant Col- 
lege sign, I ain't scared, I'll slap her though, Doo Doo 
Brown, Silver Phoenix, So Dave. ..what's are the ad- 
vantages and disadvantages of moving off campus, RA 
staffs, Watertight with Founders, fire alarms. . .quick grab 
your stuff the buildings on fire, So why can't you eat for 
24 hours?, I don't know how those rats got in your tub, 
the Intriguing One, Joe K. - 1 swear. . .it smells like pump- 
kin. Who broke Caines' nose?, "My mind is telling me 
no...", playing Rage through 3" 1 Central's speakers, 
Dance parties. Glen Falls, G-Dog, "How'd they know it 
was me streaking the Lobby? - Vaden, "Let's get it on," 
And last of all, the guys. You made my time at Covenant 
worth it. You taught me and stretched me. I now know 
the true meaning of friendship. Thanks. 

2nd Central 

Building Relationships: Halls 91 

g "o a fr's o 

■3 3^£ g 

Q ^ i 

o o 


&° ^ ao °0 8 *-■ 

« 8 0-9 

o £ "o^S o 5 "> 

T3 °,i £ 

5 m 

>, Q_ 

<5w5h5cDo. ^x 

o ii M ^ 


C7(ef woAre up and found himself in quite a pre- 
dicament. Hon- exactly did he end up in the trash 

9 2 Building Relationships: Halls 

3rd South members show off their pinata after 
their Mexican fiesta. 

These girls know how to put freshmen through 
initiation. They made the freshmen dress up in 
crazy outfits and then took them Krispy Kreme. 

3rd South 

Building Relationships: Halls 93 


ao : 

^ O -2 

"'-E ^"tri 4 ^ "■> i^ 1= "o3 u n u <U rt U <u t £j "J rt -O -O — — _C U tsi <U ^ £ "5 

jUOanjSlKI O Jj yllQImJn -°, i/i < < 2 ^U t/i DQ ^ CD 5, < S 

3rd Central 

£Wier (Am is a part of their initiation or these 
girls need their mom to dress them. Or are they 
on their way out for Halloween? 

3rd Central sits down to prepare for a hall meet- 
ing. Hall meetings are a great time to get to know 
the people on your hall and spend time together. 

94 Building Relationships: Halls 

Okay everyone, group picture. Susan, I think you 
may be overdressed. 

Liz, Nicole, Vangie, and Jamie wait outside be- 
fore one of the CAB concerts. CAB provided many 
on-campus events throughout the year. 

3rd North 

:°»?cif z ^^»??QVSJiZgr^'5-n'S"H!: 

g , oo n f?onso 



35 "" era S - 3- 

Building Relationships: Halls 95 

-£ M13 M 5 X u 

^LU U £ E CD 

"" S: S Q _o 


4th South 

We may call it unity. But it doesn't really 
matter what we call it. With God our Fa- 
ther we stand together. By ourselves we fall 
flat. Together, my sisters, we are God's in- 
credible gift: friendship! Whatever we do 
or whatever we plan- we stand together. 
We share our blessed gifts with our sisters- 
for we are a part of each other. We go out 
of ourselves and not only appreciate what 
is noble and loving in one another, but what 
is also unattractive and hideous. We smash 
the barriers and get next to each other. To- 
gether, we make Fourth South! "WHERE'S 

These girls lake a break from packing their rooms 
so that they can go home for Christmas vacation. 
Of course, they don 't look very tired so maybe 
they got the freshmen to pack for them. 

The hall took some time away from studying for 
exams to celebrate Christmas together. It was 

also great to be able to get off of the mountain for 

9 6 Building Relationships: Halls 

for Carter's hall decorating contest, 4th Sou% 
has. They even had chickens and other animd 

This group of nuns had a blast at Carter skit night. 
They made the crowd roll with their rendition of 
"Sister Act", along with taking 3rd place. 

Lookout 5th Avenue, here we come. The new girls 
of Fourth Central are initiated to the hall with 
some of the most sty I in ' head gear around. 

A r y, what a beautiful bunch. The girls of Fourth Central sparkle at the 
annual Madrigal dinners. 

4th Central's Manifesto 
Some say we're nerds, others comment on 
our purity, while yet others say, "4th Cen- 
tral, where's that?" Do not be deceived, 
Covenant College. 4th Central has surrep- 
titious plans of unveiling our very own 4th 
Central identity. And, by the way, if we're 
talking above you, that's because we are. 
While the rest of the campus is sleeping 
tight in their delusions of safety, 4th Cen- 
tral is plotting an event much greater than 
even Michael Crichton could imagine. We 
hear those remarks you make at us as we 
pass by. But we know it's just fear. That's 
right, deep beneath our studious exteriors 
and innocent facades hide subtle, false and 
treacherous disemblances. Beware of the girl 
that lives on 4th Central for her unseeming 
honesty and her diabolical good looks. 
Femme Fatales, that's us. Just wait, and you 
will witness events that will astonish, amaze 
and frighten you. Unfortunately, you will 
have no evidence to convict us. And as they 
say, nothing comes of nothing. 

4th Central I 

-pcoao'o"K>0£ 1 ro3:<n 

t: > cu a'q n 

,9- ^ 

^ 3 

I g> S 

%■ o Q 

Building Relationships: Halls 9 7 

g s= 

i> O < m U 

4th North 

"Oh, the comfort, the inexpressible com- 
fort of feeling safe with a person having 
neither to weigh thoughts nor measure 
words, but to pour them out. Just as they 
are— chaff and grain together, knowing that 
a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep 
what is worth keeping, and then with the 
breath of kindness, blow the rest away." 
--George Eliot 

"Love is a great thing, a great good in ev- 
ery way, it alone lightens what is heavy, 
and leads smoothly over all roughness, for 
it carries a burden without being burdened, 
and makes every bitter thing sweet and 
tasty. Love wants to be lifted up, not held 
back by anything low... Nothing is sweeter 
than love, nothing higher, nothing fuller, 
nothing better in heaven and earth... Love 
keeps watch and is never unaware, even 
when it sleeps, tired, it is never exhausted; 
hindered it is never defeated, alarmed it is 
never afraid, but like a living flame and a 
burning torch it bursts upward and blares 
forth." -Thomas A. Kemps 




< V 

«r> 'Vfl 



,/ ^M 


The bond between an R.A.s and the students on 
their halls must be a good one. The R.A. holds the 
hall together by close relationships with his ot- 
her hallmates. Here, Lydia Counts and Grace 
McLellan, R.A, share a hug and smile for the cam- 

Skit night is an excellent opportunity for halls to 
unite. Fourth North showed the diversity' on their 
hall by do several mini-skits within their overall 

9 8 Building Relationships: Halls 

According to Fifth South, you had better watch 
out for the Physical Plant. If you arc not careful 
they will jump out of the bushes screaming "My 
car is on fire! " and give you a parking ticket. 

As soon as this team gets their act together they 
will be ready to play. Of course, it will be pretty 
hard to run with their fingers up their noses. 

One night Fifth South was so tired of studying, so 
they decided to go out. Greyfriars was out since 
they went there all the time. The library was a defi- 
nite no because that was their usual hangout. Holly 
suggested they go to Waffle House. They all put on 
the ugliest outfits ever. Melissa put on her seal hat, 
Jodi found her blue and white spandex, and Eliza- 
beth was the greatest opera singer ever. Kristen wore 
her hoop earrings. Emily donned the Tangerine. 
Amy Zane couldn't decide what to wear. Amy Claire 
wore her bug-eye glasses. Janelle had her leg warm- 
ers. Hannah decided to go African. Sarah and Amy 
decided to honor Baleb, Pott, and Soccer. After they 
dressed, they headed to Tiftonia. Sarah B. decided 
to run down the mountain. All the freshmen got 
"Sisterhood on the Southside" tattoos. When ev- 
eryone was at Waffle House the party began. Amy 
chica danced to her favorite song. Hotdog table 
danced. Allison, Abigail, and Christina laughed and 
giggled. On the way back Kara suffered from 
senioritis, and she and Amanda stopped by 
Greyfriars where Amanda flirted. Jane led the way 
back and kept us away from old men. Mandi said, "I 
feel so connected to the Sisterhood on the 

5th South 

Building Relationships: Halls 99 

1| S -a •= 8 

s « g s M I 

§ £ 

O -O 
o -5 
O S3 

, Q- Z v: < cc 

5th North 

Fifth North Quotes: 

"Dance Party" 
"Sleep, Sleep. SLEEP" 
"And Charlie light a match 
"Camping Trip!" 

Halls Build unity in several ways. One of those 
ways is intramural sports. Fifth North 's outdoor 
soccer team. "Poopooyoyo " always had fun play- 
ing together. 

Skit night comes early in the fall semester and is 
a wonderful way to build relationships with your 
hallmates. The Fifth North crew really enjoyed 
putting on their skit and spending time with each 

I 00 Building Relationships: Halls 

Instead of studying, Matt Mantooth, Thomas 
Andreas and Ed Silva stop to chat with each other 
and pose for a picture. 

Betsy Matthews, Janna Levi, and Mallory Dean 
love the apartments. But, sometimes you have to 
get away from it all. These three made their es- 
cape to Coolidge Park. 

"We have time to sit down with our roommates 
and drink tea and talk...." 

"It's home sweet home in the apartments — and a 
lot quieter than the dorms." 

"I like the apartments because it requires more 
independence and responsibility because of 
things like paying your own phone bill, setting 
your own thermostat, cleaning an entire 
apartment.... It's more detached socially in some 
ways, so that takes more effort too. But it's a 
longer walk to school!" 

Apartment Events: 

Alfred Hitchcock movie night, Halloween 
weekend, Thanksgiving bonfire/ praise and 
worship time, Christmas party, CiCi's pizza/$2 
movie evening, a cookout, 
Apartment staff: 

Mallory Dean, Janna Levi, and Betsy Matthews. 
Apartment Council: 

Amanda Easton, Jonathan Hamilton, Matthew 
Peters, Matt Kodatt, Damaris Wessel, and Katie 


3^. o=? 


r; T C H § £ | k I | I t 1 i? -■ 

J £ ^ <_ 3 =J 

Building Relationships: Halls 1 1 



' ^BMH 



Building Wisdom 

"For of Him and through Him and to Him are all 
things, to whom be glory forever. Amen." 

Romans 11:36 

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowl- 
edge, But fools despise wisdom and instruction." 



Proverbs 1:7 

These texts of Scripture are part of the basis for 
Covenant's college motto: "In all things... Chist Pre- 
eminent." We acknowledge all things as being created 
by God, as being held together by Him, and as being 
ultimately for His glory; it is the fool that does not begin 
his quest for wisdom and knowlege with the fear of the 
Lord. It is only on this foundation that we can be truly 
building wisdom. 

Joy Vincent and Kat Barnes work 
together on their Bible project. "It 

is obviously more work when projects 
are assigned, but they are really help- 
ful for students. They force you to 
focus on what you are studying and 
really learn the material. Plus, it is 
fun to work together in groups; it 
gives friends an excuse to get to- 
gether, " said Vincent. 

Dr. Dan MacDougall 
excitedly talks to his 
students about the 
truths of the Bible. "My 

greatest goal in my 
Bible classes is that stu- 
dents would come to 
know the Jesus of the 
scriptures better and see 
how He is Lord of every 
area of life. If I can move 
students even forward a 
bit on that goal, then I 
feel that by God's grace 
much has been accom- 
plished, " said 

1 04 Building Wisdom: Academics 

Ben Grady watches as his Bible teacher 
searches the Scriptures. "I have learned 
a lot from my Bible class. I think it gives 
you so much more than just biblical 
knowlege. It stengthens your faith and 
even helps you to know how to defend it 
whenever you may have to, " said Grady. 

Apply your ... 

The Bible department is 
a large division of Covenant. 
Bible classes are some of the pri- 
mary reasons students choose to 
attend Covenant. 
The goals that the 
department seeks 
to achieve are to 
teach students 
general theology 
and biblical 

knowledge. Not 
only do they de- 
sire to teach them 
facts, but also to help them ap- 
ply the principles to their lives. 
So much more than facts can be 
retained from the classes and lec- 
tures. "My classes have not just 

"Since coming to 

Covenant, my 

knowledge of the 

Bible has grown in 

my head as well as 

my heart. " 

--Joey Redd 

been academic, but have 
strengthened my relationship 
with the Lord as well," said 
Corrin Ranney. 

This department 
has affected 
many students at 
Covenant. These 
are the classes that 
offer information 
and application 
skills for not only 
our present time 
here, but for our 
future out in the real world. Be- 
cause of them, students are able 
to learn the Gospel and reach out 
to the world around them with 

Sarah Kjellman works 
from her Bible text- 
book. "New Testament 
with Dr. MacDougall is 
one of my favorite 
classes here at Cov- 
enant. I have enjoyed 
spending time learning 
more about Paul and 
his role as an apostle, " 
said Kjellman. 

Kelly Clarkson talks with Prof. 
Clark after Bible class. "Doctrine 
has challenged me to go beyond the 
written words of the Bible and enter 
into a deeper understanding of who 
my Savior really is and why He 
came, " said Clarkson. 

Building Wisdom: Academics 105 

Kris Clarkson looks over his paper 
with lab assistant Kim Elliott. "The 
writing center is a service that the 
English department provides for the 
Covenant community. Throughout 
the week, writing center tutors are 
available for anyone who stops by. 
The one-on-one atmosphere pro- 
vides a valuble learning experience 
for both the writer and the tutor. It 
ideally enables both to become stron- 
ger writers. " said Elliott. 

In her dorm room, 
Kristen Musselman 
works out of her litera- 
ture book. "From 
studying all the au- 
thors that I have, it 
amazes me to see the 
literary talent that the 
authors had. It moti- 
vates me to continue 
writing and improve 
my writing ability, " 
said Musselman. 

I 06 Building Wisdom: Academics 

In the computer lab, Justin Hecht 
types out an English assignment. 

"Not only has English helped my un- 
derstanding of literature and style, 
but it has also helped me by doing 
hands-on work. Researching topics 
and wrting papers has helped me in 
many different ways, " said Hecht. 


The English department ity to use them in other areas of 

has many goals for the students, interest. Even for those who are 

God has given man the gift of not English majors, this depart- 

language, and the professors de- ment helps them in the general 

iire to help the 
students under- 
stand and appre- 
ciate that gift. 

The En- 
glish department 
covers areas 
such as composi- 
tion, speech, and 
linguistics. The 

"I feel that English 

has provided me 

with a knowledge 

that I can use for all 

different subjects. " 

--Grace White 

area of the sub- 

English is an 
important subject 
in our lives be- 
cause everything 
revolves around 
it. What students 
learn in English 
is pivotal for life 

core classes provide students because it affects every aspect, 

with composition, speech and Covenant offers a Christian per- 

an introduction to literature, spective that reminds students 

These fundamental skills that that language is a gift from God. 
are taught give students the abil- 

Sarah Bruhn works on 
a research paper in the 
Kresge Library. "Al- 
though I attend my En- 
glish class lectures, 
there is so much more 
that has enabled me to 
study our language. 
Having paper assign- 
ments challenges me to 
research what I am 
studying and to learn 
it on my own. English 
has really challenged 
my thinking and has 
influenced my writing 
style for the better, " 
said Bruhn. 

Sarah Lown andjayrni Dorris study 
their homework on the chapel lawn. 

Often students would grab some 
blankets and pillows and head for 
the great outdoors. The beautiful 
scenery and quiet atmosphere make 
for a perfect study session. 

Building Wisdom: Academics 107 

Janette Crane carefully listens to lab 
tapes for mistakes. Crane is a lab 
assistant and grades the students 
tapes once they are turned in. Being 
originally from Chile, she is fluent 
in Spanish as well as English and 
uses her her langugefor work- study. 
"I love being a lab assistant. It is 
great to be able to use my language 
to help other students, " said Crane. 

Matt Wright reads his 
Spanish textbook in 
class. The textbooks 
had lessons for learn- 
ing in them and stories 
from other cultures. 
The core teaching of 
the class came from the 
textbooks from which 
students could follow 

108 Building Wisdom: Academics 

Kelly McSherry, Pete Herron, and 
Janine Tuininga watch a video in 
the language lab. Tapes, videos, and 
books were just a few of the ways n 
which students were able to interact 
and learn. These different resources 
have been very helpful with memo- 
rizing vocabulry. 

Speak what? 

Students interested in 
pursuing a foreign language 
have a great opportunity to do 
so at Covenant. Classes in 
Spanish, French, 
German, Greek 
and Hebrew are 
all offered. Not 
only can students 
learn about for- 
eign cultures, but 
they can also 
learn about the 
origins of the 
Bible through Greek and 
Hewbrew classes. From el- 
ementary to advanced, students 
are able to develop and 
strengthen their skills in speak- 

"Being from the 

Miami area, I can 

appreciate the need 

to learn a foreign 

language. " 
--Christa Bower 

ing, reading, writing, and com- 
prehension. Phoenetic and 
diction classes offer oral prac- 
tice to help students improve 
their pronuncia- 
tion and accents. 
While Spanish, 
French, and Ger- 
man are appli- 
cable to our daily 
life, Hebrew and 
Greek are vital to 
interpreting the 
Bible and under- 
standing its context. These 
classes are helpful for Bible 
majors as well as students who 
are planning to major in other 
related fields. 

Christa Bower listens 
to her French tapes to 
help her memorize her 
assigned vocabluary. 

Tapes were available 
for all students but 
only upon special re- 
quest. "Foreign lan- 
guage is my hardest 
subject so when study 
aids such as tapes are 
offered, I take advan- 
tage of them because 
they are very helpful, " 
said Christa Bower. 

Emmaline Newman looks at the Lan- 
guage Lab board for new updates. 

The board had information on cross 
cultural study, and colleges focused 
on foreign language as a major. "I 
am not really interested in foreign 
language. Students are required to 
take at least one year of a foreign lan- 
guage to graduate so I am trying to 
get it done early, " said Newman. 

Building Wisdom: Academics 1 09 

An ensemble from the Covenant 
Chamber Orchestra performed be- 
fore and during the Madrigals din- 
ner, hosted in the Great Hall of 
Carter. "I have been playing the vio- 
lin since J was a little girl. I really 
enjoy it and was excited that I got to 
play for Madrigals, " said Rebecca 

Claire Larson takes 
some time away from 
class to practice her 
drawing. "I have re- 
ally enjoyed art class. 
It has given me a 
chance to do develop 
my talents in art. " 

Jeannette Crane and Haddon 
McKinney take notes while listen- 
ing to their instructor during their 
drawing class. "I've always liked 
drawing and thought that this would 
be a great class to take. " said Crane. 

1 1 Building Wisdom: Academics 

Artists in 
many ways 

The college Ait and Music De- 
partments allow students to ex- 
press themselves through cre- 
ative mediums 
that can be aes- 
thetically pleas- 
ing and enjoy- 
able to practice. 
Creativity is an 
attribute that all 
humans have 
been given. 

Through it we 
are able to reflect 
the creativity and artistic sense 
that God has given to humans. 
Some might complain that they 
cannot sing or cannot draw but 
have they ever enrolled in a 

"Art is a great class 

because it is so 

different from all 

other classes. It is a 

nice change of 

pace. " 
—Alison Radford 

class? Any professor can 
teach the students basic skills. 
It is what the student chooses 
to do with skills 
that really mat- 
ters. Even if it is 
just for pleasure, 
art and music 
classes are great 
for variety as 
well as a key part 
to developing a 
true liberal arts 
education. Cov- 
enant offers introductory 
classes as well as various 
drawing and painting courses. 
Music classes are also avail- 
able for students. 

The Brass Choir re- 
hearses together dur- 
ing class. After much 
practice, they per- 
formed on campus for 
the homecoming and 
preview weekend con- 
certs and in Atlanta at 
the PCA Women in the 
Church Conference. 

The Chorale, consisting 
of about seventy students, 
wait for instructions from 
Dr. Hamm. The Chorale 
performed concerts over 
spring break and at local 
churches in the area. 

Building Wisdom: Academics 

Heather Rudy diligently 
studies her computer 
homework for her up- 
coming test. Students in 
the ICS class had lec- 
tures and labs once a 
week. Material covered 
in lectures were used for 
tests as well as for com- 
pleting the assigned 
labs. "My roommate 
and I used to study to- 
gether the night before 
a test and help each 
other on labs. It made it 
a lot easier. " said Rudy. 

Pete Johnson and Jer- 
emy Foreman check 
their e-mail in the com- 
puter lab of Carter 

Hall. Students were 
able to work on home- 
work, check e-mail, or 
talk on Instant Mes- 
senger while in the 
computer labs. Al- 
though the computers 
are primarily therefor 
school work, e-mail 
and chatting can pro- 
vide a nice break from 
the work load. 



1 1 2 Building Wisdom: Academics 

Melissa Long and Olivia Pugh work 
on their papers in the Library com- 
puter room. The computers in the 
library offered a quiet study place 
with fewer people and distractions. 
It also gave students the ability to 
easily access books from downstairs. 


The rapid growth of the 
computer industry has brought 
a new frontier of knowledge. 
Computers are being used in 
almost every 
field of study. 
The Computer 
Science depart- 
ment is commit- 
ted to equipping 
students with the 
skills and knowl- 
edge they will 
need after they 

The department seeks to 
accomplish four main goals 
while the students are at Cov- 
enant. One, to have students 
develop "computer literacy." 

"1 was really sur- 
prised with how 
helpful the computer 

classes were. I 

learned a lot of new 

concepts and terms. ' 

--Heather Rudy 

Two, to support the other aca- 
demic fields and departments 
that require computer re- 
sources. Three, to support the 
desired majors 
and minors of the 
students and to 
improve the pro- 
grams used to ac- 
complish them. 
Four, to offer ma- 
jor and minor 
programs in the 
field of computer 
No matter what field of 
study was being pursued, the 
new computer labs and classes 
proved to be helpful aids for the 
students to utilize. 

Julianne Savage and 
Mia Thomas work to- 
gether on their 
laptops. Students with 
the privilege of owning 
their own computers 
were able to take ad- 
vantage of a more flex- 
ible work schedule. 
They were also able to 
download files and 
load software which is 
prohibited on the col- 
lege computers. 
"Three out of my four 
roommates have 
laptops which is really 
helpful except for when 
we are all trying to sign 
online at the same 
time, " said Savage. 

Building Wisdom: Academics 1 1 3 

Dr. Charles Donaldson 
filters out the manga- 
nese dioxide from the 
adipic acid solution 
during organic chem- 
istry lab. Ruth Allison 
looks on smiling, know- 
ing that the solution 
contains the key ele- 
ments to precipitating 
out the adipic acid 
crystals later in the lab. 

1 1 4 Building Wisdom: Academics 

Lab assistant Ben Christmann helps General 
Chemistry student Matthias Shapiro during the 
lab session. The students appreciate being able 
to ask the lab assistants questions that they may 
have while performing the experiments, while at 
the same time it gives the assistants some hands- 
on experience teaching others. 

Diverse Science 

The science department 
has always offered a wide vari- 
ety of subjects for those students 
interested in learning more about 
the natural world. 
From Chemistry 
to Physics, as 
well as Biology 
which includes 
Pre-Medical and 
science, one can 
see there is quite 
a palette to 
choose from. One of the great 
aspects of studying the sciences 
is the opportunity to work hands- 
on in one's particular field of 
study right here at Covenant. 

"The diversity of the 

science department 

has given me the 

opportunity to 

expand my interests 

in biology. " 

--Ruth Allison 

That is, quite a few students are 
able to help as a lab assistant 
for classes that they have al- 
ready taken. It gives the stu- 
dents a chance to 
sharpen their 
skills, as well as 
great experience 
that is needed 
when applying 
for a job, or on 
those tough 

graduate school 
applications. Just 
about any science major you 
ask will tell you that it is not an 
easy path to take, but the wealth 
of learning that they get here at 
Covenant is well worth it. 

It looks like everything 
is here. Dr. Jerry 

Wenger inspects part 
of a skeleton to make 
sure that all of the 
hones in the arm and 
hand are there. His 
anatomy and physiol- 
ogy class will need to 
look at it later and 
memorize the names of 
the bones, for it is part 
of their test on the ma- 
jor bones in the human 

Patience is the key. Jessica Lamb 
knows that in order for her to have a 
proper concentration of final prod- 
uct, she must wait for enough of the 
solvent to boil off. 

Building Wisdom: Academics 1 1 5 

Who said education classes are bor- 
ing? Teaching in a Pluralistic Soci- 
ety students get .some laughs while 
role playing an inner city school. 







Laminating is one of 
Emily Jordan 's many 
tasks while working 
for the Education of- 
fice. She also takes 
care of the professors ' 
mail and copying, up- 
dates databases of 
schools, and does 
many odd jobs. 

Work comes before pleasure. Dr. 
Jack Fennema, the department's 
newest member, faithfully types 

I 1 6 Building Wisdom: Academics 


Imago Dei 

The Education depart- 
ment at Covenant seeks to 
train students to be truly 
Christian teachers, who let 
their worldview 
permeate all that 
they do. In their 
first education 
class, Introduc- 
tion to Teach- 
ing, students be- 
gan the four 
year process of 
earning what it 
means to teach students who 
are made in the image of God. 
They also learn what the mis- 
sion of the school is, what the 
role of a teacher is, and how 

"The education 
program has not only 
taught me how to think 
biblically but also how 
to integrate the things I 
have learned into my 
classroom. " 
--Beth Painter 

to use and develop curricu- 
um. In addition, students are 
given plenty of opportunities 
to practice and apply what 
they have 

learned by 

working in 

schools in the 
area, culminat- 
ing with their se- 
mester of stu- 
dent teaching. 
Covenant's edu- 
cation depart- 
ment does a wonderful job of 
training future teachers who 
will undoubtedly be influen- 
tial in the lives of generations 

Time to be creative! 

What is one of the 
things you learn to do 
at Media Seminars? 
Make bulletin boards! 
Students also learn to 
laminate, mount pic- 
tures, and use 

Building Wisdom: Academics 1 1 7 






"Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great 
cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that 
hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us 
run with perseverance the race marked out for us." 

Hebrews 12:1 (NIV) 

The biblically Reformed faith affirms the goodness of the 
human body as God created it. For this reason, the 
athlete serves just as an important role in the building of 
Christ's kingdom as the musician or the chemist or the 
writer. We are to be stewards of all of creation, 
including the bodies that God has given us. 

Not only are our athletes helping to expand Christ's 
kingdom into all areas of life, but they also serve as a 
picture for all of us of the perseverance that we are to 
be building through the whole Christian life. 

en's Soccer 

We Scots know 

how to use the 

fog to our 


Mike Agate 

dribbles past 

his opponents 

and through 

the fog to 

score a goal. 

Toccoa Falls 








North Gerogia 




Tennessee Temple 






TN Wesleyan 






























120 Building Perseverance: Sports 


Mike Krom knows the importance of defense. 

Mike, one of the five freshmen in the starting 
line-up this season, knows that defense is key. 

if I Goals Accomplished 

Despite a 9-8- 1 record, 
this season was a tremendous 
success. From the first early 
morning of camp through the 
last practices in mid November, 
we were really a team, focus- 
ing on unity, respect, and 
sportsmanship. The sheer emo- 
tion of playing a sport competi- 
tively is sometimes overwhelm- 
ing. It can make you crazy. It 
can make you violent. It makes 
you vulnerable and susceptible 
to temptation. It makes you fail. 
It makes you learn. It makes 
you grow. 

This season can be con- 
sidered a sucess due to the fact 
that great strides were made 
toward maturation both on and 

off the field. The team did an 
exceptional job of carrying it- 
self on and off the field by re- 
specting the refs, the opposing 
teams, other coaches, home and 
away fans, and the game of soc- 
cer itself. It was an honor to be 
a part of this team and we are 
thankful to have had the chance 
to come through this program. 
To God be the glory. 

By John Sweet 

Front row, L to R: Matt Je Hey, Mike Krom, Rich Everett, Mark Krieg, 
Josh Moon, Michael Schout, Jason Wells. Second row, L to R: Sheldon 
Grizzle, Rob MacDougal, Matt Potoshnick Matt Cobb, Ben Kellogg, 
Brien Meyer, Caleb Leonard. Third row, L to R: Jeff Bone, Elisha 
Godfrey, Dan Herron, Ty Tyler, Mike Agate, Andy Schmidt, David 
Illman, Coach Brian Crossman. Back row, L to R: Brian Young, Tim 
Montgomery, Nathan Brinkerhoff, John Sweet, Stephen Strawbridge, 
Kenneth Todd, Coach David Stanton. 

Building Perseverance: Sports 121 

omen's Soccer 

Defense is 

key, right 


shows her 
skill as a de- 
fensive player 
as she steals 
the ball from 
the opponent. 

Lindsey Wilson 


0-6 Emb 



0-1 Unio 



0-1 Brev 

North Georgia 















Term. Wesleyan 


















L 0-4 
L 0-4 
L 0-3 

122 Building Perseverance: Sports 


Smooth Move. Julianhe Savage, a freshman, 
shows her potential with skillful ball handling. 



A Rebuilding Season 

The overall record of 
the team reflected little of the 
actual work that went into 
this fall season. Facing an- 
other season of rebuilding, 
the Lady Scots brought in 
ten new freshmen and assis- 
tant coach Warren Smith 
(formally known as Wa J). 
Key areas of focus this fall 
included building an offen- 
sive attack with young play- 
ers, gearing up a new fresh- 
man goalkeeper, and chang- 
ing the entire defensive style 
of play. Additionally, this 
season was one of the 
toughest seasons faced by 
the team as the Lady Scots 
played teams that were all 

ranked in the top 25 of the na- 
tion and/or conference oppo- 

The motivations of 
every person that came to 
the team were totally differ- 
ent. But ultimately, this sea- 
son required an attitude of 
"go hard, play hard, work 
hard, enjoy what God has 
put before you, and leave the 
results to the Lord!" Hope- 
fully, in the future, hard 
work, perseverance, and the 
drive to play well and to His 
glory will continue to pay 

By Rachel Powell 


■ around her oppenent. 

ns look on, Worth Mayfield dribbles 

Front row, L to R: Coach Mark Duble, Amy Deterding, Erin Hess, 
Dawn Swinney, Abby Harrell, Stacey Ogburn, Rachel Powell, 
Monique Good, Coach Warren Smith. Second row, L to R: Cameron 
Hastie, Sara Campbell, Julianne Savage, Hannah Hager, Georgia 
Maddox, Molly Maddox, Amelia Heath, Jenee Bourgeois. Thirdrow, 
L to R: Sarah Meiners, Tiffany Slater, Erin Childress, Worth Mayfield, 
Danelle Dillon, Ashley Harbert, Stephanie Young. 

Building Perseverance: Sports 

Kristyn Borger 

takes the lead as 

the race starts. 

Kristyn, who 

earned a place 

in Nationals 

for the second 

year in a row, 

helped lead 

the girls to the 

title of Region 



Joel Collier leads the way as he cooly sports shades. Joel, who was a 
freshman at Covenant this year, proved to be a vital aspect of the Scots this 

124 Building Perseverance: Sports 

*| I,' Ifc. iff* ] i r SftJi 

77ie Mountain Invitational, which was hosted 
by Covenant, proved to be a huge success. The 

weather was beautiful, the fans were great, and 
the competition was impressive. To add to the 
excitement of the day, both our men 's and women 's 
teams were able to win their respective races. 

Great Victories 

is ~ 


The 1999 season could be de- 
scribed as the greatest year in 
Covenant College's cross- 
country history. Both the 
men's and women's teams 
were fairly young this year, but 
both did well and provided a 
lot of hope for even greater suc- 
cess over the next couple of 

There were a lot of high points 
this year. The first was prob- 
ably the race at UAH. It was a 
fairly large race with several 
good teams, as well as the first 
time any of us had run that race, 
but even so, as they called out 
the places for the men's teams, 
it was with great surprise, ex- 

citement, and pride that we 
went forward to receive the 
third place trophy. It was an ex- 
citing season with a lot of prom- 
ise for exciting seasons to come 
in the next few years. Sadly, the 
team will be losing three mem- 
bers to graduation: Dave 
Kaufmann, Wil Meiners, and 
Jen Balch, but they will take 
with them great memories of 
runs at the nature center, nature 
runs, singing in the rain, blue 
hair and shaved legs, and great 

By Sara Akin 
andWil Meiners 

Front row, L to R: Assistant Coach Leah Behm, Jessica Spalding, 
Sara Akin, Joy Vincent, Jane Berry. Second row.L to R: Moni Pappas, 
Jen Balch, Jessica Schlup, Kristyn Borger, Caitlin Pettit, Jenny Erbel, 
Sarah Bruhn, Coach David Taylor. Third row, L to R: Andy Lloyd, 
Dave Kaufmann, Wil Meiners, Pete Herron, Eddie Trygar, Joel 
Collier, Josh Turner, Ian Work, Jonathan Hubbard, Jordan Ross, 
Jim Knox, Manager Fritz Schalmo, Andrew Kaufmann. 

Building Perseverance: Sports 

As the Lady 
Scot volley- 
ball players 
know, team- 
work is al- 
ways best. 
As the ref 
looks on, two 
players work 
together to get 
the ball over 
the net. 


Katie Feamster and Kim Mills wait expectantly for a call from the refei 
Sophomores Katie and Kim, who also happen to be roommates, are impor- 
tant assets to the team. 

126 Building Perseverance: Sports 

Look at that girl power! Katie Feamster slams 
the ball over net. 

Learning Perseverance 

If there is one word to describe 
the whole volleyball season, it 
would be perseverance. There 
were numerous obstacles that 
the Lady Scots had to overcome 
this season. Altogether there 
were eight newcomers to the 
team, six of those being fresh- 
men. The team had to work 
extra hard to build the neces- 
sary chemistry that it takes to 
win games. There was also a 
brand new head coach which 
always can take a little time 
getting used to. In addition to 
these trials, the girls struggled 
to remain healthy throughout 
the season; there were numer- 
ous injuries and illnesses that 
seemed to travel through the 

team members. Lots of dili- 
gence, discipline, and dedica- 
tion was needed to get through 
some tough times. Despite all 
the various points that seemed 
to be set against them, the Lady 
Scots Covenant Volleyball 
team did better than they have 
done in 15 years! The girls 
ended at a great stance in the 
TV AC Conference and made 
it to Regionals showing their 
strength in what should have 
been a time of weakness. 

by Katie Feamster 

f ; 

HM^ v - 

sjl I 

* jL 

A - -■- 


Front row, L to R: Kelli Ziemer, Kim Mills, Jenny Davis, Alisha 
Ferman, Second row, L to R: Cydney Scruggs, Katie Feamster, 
Kathryn Sterling , Deirdre Nawrocki, Maija Iverts, Third row, L to R: 
Coach Lisa Fish, Krista Steere, Shea Clingerman, Katie Sligh, Suzi 
Corwin , Coach Allison Fekete 

Building Perseverance: Sports 127 

Varsity Soccer 

player Erin 


takes the ball 

toward the 


Eddie Trygar, 

one of the 

students who 

refs for practical 

service credit, 

looks on. 


Roommates Susan Crenshaw and April Lockhart both try to keep the ball 
away from Carter R.D., Suzi Entrekin. Playing intramurals is just one way 
to get to know hallmmates and dorm staff better. 

28 Building Perseverance: Sports 

Catacombs always make intramu- 
ral sports interesting. In this heated 
game where Second South faced off 
against Catacombs, Tim Rowe suc- 
cessfully blocked Matt Peters. 


This year's intramural 
program was better than ever, 
with each sport bringing in a 
record number of teams. First 
semester Kristine Brangwin 
and James DeRuyter assisted 
Betsy Matthews in co- 
ordinating the events. Second 
semester Bobby Stirling re- 
placed James, and the intramu- 
ral program continued to thrive. 

First semester sports 
included indoor soccer, outdoor 
soccer, and men's flag football, 
in addition to several one-time 
events like the ever-popular 

The main attraction sec- 
ond semester was basketball. 
Both men and women packed 

the gym every night, eager to try 
their hand at basketball. Since 
there were so many teams signed 
up for the sport, each team was 
allowed to choose whether they 
wanted to play in the competive 
"A" league or the just-for-fun 
"B" league. Those in the "A" 
league were more serious, and 
most of the teams were hand- 
picked by the captains. The "B" 
league was mostly comprised of 
hall teams. 

All in all, no matter what 
sport was being played, 
intramurals were a source of fun 
and stress-relief for most of the 
Covenant College Campus. 

Sheldon Grizzle receives a pass and turns to shoot, 

hoping to score in spite of the dedicated defense 
of Jason Wood. 

Ghetto Versus Blackwatch. Jessi Strow solidi- 
fies the lead that Blackwatch had over Ghetto 
throughout the game. 

Building Perseverance: Sports I2 l ) 

en's Basketball 

Jay Ernst 

flying high 

to the basket. 

Jay soars 

over the 


defense to 

make a 



Jared gets way up there! Jared Bostrom jumps high above the defense to 
make a pretty shot with great form. 

130 Building Perseverance: Sports 

Covenanter Heather 
Rantal summed up the feelings 
of many when she stated that 
she was proud of the players 
for a season well-played. "I 
have not gotten down to many 
games but the ones I did get to 
were worth it. There was lots 
of energy in the room and I re- 
ally appreciated the sportsman- 
ship that was displayed." The 
biggest problem facing the 
Scots is not a lack of effort or 
talent. Rather, it is a lack of ex- 
perience. Having three fresh- 
men starters and no seniors on 
the team has led to some frus- 
trating losses that will hopefully 
translate into wins as the young 

Scots continue to gain experi- 

In spite of the losses 
that the team experienced this 
year, the fans were still excited, 
eager and supportive. At one 
particularly exciting game, 
David Illman exclaimed, "This 
game is bouncy, bouncy, 
bouncy, fun, fun, fun!", and 
this sentiment expressed the 
ideas of many loyal Covenant 
fans. We look forward to next 
year's season with great antici- 

By Ben Hardesty and Nat 

Front row, L to R: Micah Brown, Justin Malone, Andrew George, David Hancock. 
Aaron Owens. Second row, L to R: Assistant Coach Steve Muller. Ethan Van Eck, 
Brian Johnsey, Austin Bell, Nick Herndon, Jared Bostrom, Third row, L to R: 
Coach Bill Dennison, Seth Knight, Calvin Jackson, Dave Dennison, Jay Ernst, 
Pete Render, Assistant Coach Maffet. 

Building Perseverance: Sports 131 

omen's Basketball 

tions, Kristy, 
on your two 
Kristy Clark 
and Coach 
shown with 
her high- 
scoring ball 
after the game. 

"/ believe I can fly!" Kristy Clark goes up for a lay-up on one of her famous 
fast breaks. 

132 Building Perseverance: Sports 



Take it all the way, Abby! Abby 
Reed blows past the defense on a 
fast break to give the Lady Scots a 

Winners Never Quit 

When asked about this 
season, Senior Kristy Clark 
commented that "this was the 
hardest one that I have ever 
played... basketball has been 
my life since I was four years 
old, and now it is all coming to 
an end... I'm not sure what is 
going to be harder though, leav- 
ing this game or leaving the 
close friends that I have made 
over the past four years. I have 
never had closer friends than 
the ones that I have made on 
this team." The other girls ex- 
pressed similar sentiments. 
Although the Lady Scots did 
not win as many games as they 
would have liked this season, 
still consider it a success 

based on the camaraderie and 
the fellowship. Nola Muir com- 
mented that "Even though we 
have had a losing season, this 
was by far the best season that I 
have ever experienced... rela- 
tionships, desire to compete, and 
fun were what kept us going 
through rough times." There 
were some sad times this season, 
especially when Laranda injured 
her knee and had to have sur- 

The Lady Scots deserve 
to be honored for their hard work 
and dedication, and their deter- 
mination not to quit. We look 
forward to another good season 
next year, with most of the team 

Front row, L to R: Joanna Hessenbruch, Abby Reed, Laranda 
Mullinax, Jolene Anderson, Lonnie Hamilton. Second row, L to R: 
Tracy Record, Jocelyn Cary, Ashley Smith, Kristy Clark, Kristyn 
Borger, Claire Larson. Third row, L to R: Coach Tami Smialek 
Shannon Green, Nola Muir, Kendra Hall, Assistant Coach Ramona 
Ozier, Assistant Coach Charity Anderson 

Building Perseverance: Sports 

34 Building Perseverance: Sports 

Bulding Perseverance: Sports 135 

Building Block 

"Coming to Him as a living stone, rejected indeed 

by men, but chosen by God and precious, you 

also, as living stones, are being built up a spiritual 

house, a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual 

sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus 


I Peter 2:4-5 

Building community, character, relationships, wisdom, and 
perseverance is only possible because we have the 
building blocks-the students, faculty, staff, and adminis- 
tration-to be building with. As we are building on the 
Cornerstone, we must remember the importance of 
each individual as one of those building blocks. 

^/im Sttmmom 

Hometown: Asheville, NC 
Major: IDS 

'"Alright kids, I'm gonna 
split like a chapped lip." 

Hiesm ^hmli 


Hometown: Roanoke, VA 

Ma/or Business Administration 

Minor: Biblical Studies 

"A dog barks when his mother is 

attacked. I would be a coward if I 

saw that God's truth is attacked 

and yet would remain silent." 

-John Calvin 

&oi Sftawimd Sttndewn 

Hometown: Miami, FL 

Major: History 

Minor: Sociology 

"Scott, don't take any wooden 
nickels." -Grandma Andy 

3 8 Building Blocks: Seniors 

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO 
Major: History 

"If I have been able to do great 
things, it is because I stood on the 
shoulders of giants." 
-Sir Isaac Newton 

Home to wn: Where ver my family is 
Major: Sociology 
Minor: Music, Youth Ministry, 
Biblical Studies 

"The Lord your God is with you, 
he is mighty to save. He will take 
great delight in you, he will quiet 
you with his love, he will rejoice 
over you with singing." 
-Zephaniah 3:17 

Hometown: Inverness, FL 
Major: IDS: Sociology. Biblical 
Studies, and Youth Ministry 
Minor: Bible 

"The terrible thing, the almost impossible 
thing, is to hand over your whole self- 
all your wishes and precautions-to 
Christ. But it is far easier than what we 
are trying to do instead. For what we art 
trying to do is to remain what we call 
"ourselves." to keep personal happiness 
as our great aim in life, and yet at the 
same time be "good." We are all trying to 
let our mind and our heart go their own 
way. And this is exactly what Christ 
warned us you could not do. 
-C.S. Lewis from Mere Christianity 

Hometown: Chattanooga, 77V 

Major. IDS: Missions, 

Psychology, and English 

"Words wear out." 

Hometown: Stone Mountain, GA 

Major: Sociology 

Minor: Psychology 

"However, I consider my life 

worth nothing to me, if only I may 

finish the race and complete the 

task the Lord Jesus has given me- 

the task of testifying to 

the gospel of God's grace." 

-Acts 20:24 

^on <^eon Suuwdon 

Hometown: St. Louis, MO 
Major: Elementary Education 

"The Lord your God is with you, 

He is mighty to save. He will 

take great delight in you. He will 

quiet you with His love. He will 

rejoice over you with singing. 

-Zephaniah 3:17 

*s£ua o/Uod Gnomon 

Hometown: Lynchburg, VA 
Major: English 
Minor: History 

"Le gaol dhusta a mhaim. 
Thee only do I love." 

Hometown: Waldorf, MD 
Major: Music (Piano) 

"Therefore do not worry about 
tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry 
about itself Each day has enough 
trouble of its own." 
-Matthew 6:34 

"We may not know what tomorrow 
will bring, but we know that the 
Lord's good and holy will will be 
done... and that is part of the 
excitement of life!" 

orf/alkon &o6eil SBmua. 

Hometown: Waldorf, MD 
Major: History 

"When I came to you, I was but the 
learner. Now I am the master." 
-Darth Vader 

Building Blocks: Seniors 1 39 

Jl/ldlu Qimin SBnm^ea 

Hometown: St. Louis, MO 
Major: Elementary Education 

"But he said to me, 'My grace is 

sufficient for you, for my power is 

made perfect in weakness'." 

-II Corinthians 12:9 

"But while he was a long way off, 

his father saw him and was filled 

with compassion for him; he 

ran to his son. threw his arms 

around him and kissed him." 

-Luke 15:20 

Hometown: Chattanooga, 77V 

Mujor: History 

Minor: Youth Ministry 

"With malice toward none, with 

charity tor all, with firmness in the 

right as God gives us lo see the right, 

let us strive on to finish the work we 

are in, to bind up the nation's wounds, 

to care for him who shall have borne 

the battle and for his widow and his 

orphan, to do all which may achieve 

and cherish a just and lasting peace 

among ourselves and with all nations." 

-President Abraham Lincoln 

QEama tMkhdb •SBwui 

Hometown: Acworth. GA 

Major: Natural Science 

and Pre-Physical Therapy 

Minor: Physical Education 

"The best and most beautiful 

things in the world... 

must be felt with the heart." 

-Helen Keller 

^adoi Si. landed 

Hometown: Ayacucho. Peru 
Major: Psychology 
Minor: Philosophy 

"In order to love everything, in 
order to pity everything, human 
and extra-human, living and non- 
living, you must feel everything 
within yourself, you must 
personalize everything...." 
-Miguel de Unamuno 

<£&iiaji Sairm ^adide 

Hometown: Stream wood, IL 
Major: History 
Minor: Secondary Education 
"He who believes in Jesus Christ with his 
whole heart is committed to much else 
besides. He is committed to a view of God, 
to a view of man, to a view of sin, to a view 
of redemption, to a view of the purpose of 
God in creation and history, to a view of 
human understanding found only in 
Christianity. This forms a 
'Weltanschauung' or 'Christian view of 
the world,' which stands in marked 
contrast with the theories wrought out 
from a purely philosophical or scientific 
standpoint." -James Orr 

^hdJina G/Uicde ^aiiwn 

Hometown: Alexandria. VA 
Major: Elementary Education 

"Trust in the Lord with all your 
heart, and do not lean on your own 
understanding. In all your ways 
acknowledge Him, and He will 
make your paths straight." 
-Proverbs 3:5, 6 

140 Building Blocks: Seniors 

Sfharmm &hcaee ^axiahen 

Hometown: Parkland. FL 

Major: Elementary 

Education, grades 4-8 

"God's wisdom: His power to see 

and inclination to choose the surest 

means for obtaining the highest 

goals He has for our lives." 

junn ^sxmnm 

Hometown: Rutherfordton. NC 

Major: Biology 

Minor: Secondary Education 

"Pooh and Piglet walked home 

thoughtfully together in the golden 

evening. 'When you wake up in 

the morning. Pooh, what's the first 

thing you say to yourself?" 'What's 

for breakfast? What do you say 

Piglet?' 'I say. 'I wonder what's 

going to happen exciting today. ' ' 

^aid Piglet. Pooh nodded thoughtfully. 

'It's the same thing.'" 


Hometown: Ringgold. GA 
Major: Elementary Education 

"I can do everything through 

him who gives me strength." 

-Philippians 4:13 



Hometown: Belmont. NH 
Major: English 
Minor: History 

"What we call the beginning is 
often the end and to make an end 
is to make a beginning. The end is 
where we start from." 
-T.S. Eliot 

SBmjpmin <-MoA ^dtlmn 

Hometown: St. Louis. MO 
Major: Natural Science 
Minor: Secondary Education 

"Hey Jed, urn... have you 
paid the phone bill?" 

Suuin Qfjee ^oida 

Hometown: Harrisonburg, VA 

Major: English 

Minor: History. Photography, and 


"When I was a boy of fourteen, 
my father was so ignorant I could 
hardly stand to have the old man 
around. But when I got to be 
twenty-one. I was astonished at 
how much he had learned in 
seven years." 
-Mark Twain 

Building Blocks: Seniors 141 

'uzanne tsviammzie -&owin 

Hometown: Boca Raton, FL 
Major: Business 

"Life is not fair... 
Mrs. Burkiln is Boss!" 

9>aul<MJud ^otmL 

Hometown: Savannah. GA 
Major: Economics 
Minor: Accounting 

"Alles kits, acliterde vits. " 

-Dutch saying 

Translation: Everything is cool. 

SoniSum SBawod ^uM 

Hometown: Columbia, SC 

Major: ICS 

Minor: Business 

"May your grace. Lord, 

like a fetter bind my 

wandering heart to thee." 

-Robert Robinson. 1758 

"Men of Blackwatch, thank 

you for the most significant 

years of my life." 


Hometown: Chattanooga, TN 
Major: Sociology 
Minor: Psychology 

"I lie down and sleep; I wake 
again, because the Lord 
, sustains me." 
Psalm 3:5 

dfonaUwn <-Michad @)am 

Hometown: Douglasville. GA 

Major: Biology 

Minor: Chemistry and English 

"I grow old... I grow old... I shall 
wear the bottoms of my trousers 
-T.S. Eliot 

Hometown: Fairhope, AL 
Major: Psychology 

"Sometimes you can't please 
everyone. Sometimes you can't 
please anyone at all. Sew your 
heart onto your sleeve and wait for 
the axe to fall." -VOL 

142 Building Blocks: Seniors 

Sendfen OEwine ®beutiaan 

Hometown: Tuscaloosa, AL 

Major: Elementary 

Education, grades 4-8 

"But I trust in your unfailing love; 

my heart rejoices in your salvation. 

I will sing to the Lord for 

he has been good to me." 

-Psalm 13:5-6 

"Did you see the sunrise 

this morning? It was 

beautiful and free." 

Hometown: Nowhere, CA 

Major: IDS: History, 

Philosophy, and Bible 

"At Parbar westward, four at the 

causeway, and two at Parbar." 

-I Chronicles 26:18 

Hometown: Charlotte, NC 

Major: History 

Minor: Secondary Education 

"Habit is the daily 

battleground of character." 

-Daniel Coats 

luoa <3t, 

Hometown: Savannah, GA 
Major: Missions and Psychology 

"Now thank we all our God with 
heart and hands and voices, who 
wondrous things hath done, in 
whom His world rejoices; who 
from our mothers' arms hath 
blessed us on our way with 
countless gifts of love, and still is 
ours today." 
-Martin Rinkart 

Hometown: Margate. FL 
Major: Computer Science 
Minor: Math and Art 

"Something is hidden, 
go and find it." 

^Himltedu G/lfode 'Sllioll 

Hometown: Kearney, NE 

Major: English 

Minor: Music and Philosophy 

"Thou hast given so much 
to me, give one thing more— 
a grateful heart; not thankful 
when it pleaseth me, as if thy 
blessings had spare days, but 
such a heart whose pulse may 
be Thy praise." 
-George Herbert 

Building Blocks: Seniors 143 

loaliflia ^alhetine "Silk 

Hometown: Bo/.enmn. MT 
Major: Elementary Education 

"You will show me the path of life; 

In your presence in fullness of joy; 

At your right hand are 

pleasures forevermore." 

-Psalm 16:11 

lohomm fyPedeu 'Silk 

Hometown: Bozeman. MT 
Major: Biblical Studies 

"In every disease of the soul, let 

me charge myself with the blame 

and Christ with the cure of it, so 

shall I he humbled and 

Christ glorified." 

-Henry Martyr) 

&awi S$nne &llmn 

Hometown: Greenville. SC 

Major: Elementary education. 

grades 4-8 

"Oh... I'm such a 

destructive African." 

-David Yleah 

Daniel William Snmmi 

Hometown: Anywhere they sent us 
Major: Babysitting your kids 

"Stop rhyming and I mean it! 
"Anybody want a peanut?" 
- 7774? Princess Bride 

o/Uaomi &hwwd Smemn 

Hometown: Ballston Spa. NY 
Major: Elementary Education 
Minor: Music 

"The Lord your God is with you. 
He is mighty to save. He will take 
great delight in you. He will quiet 
you with His love. He will rejoice 
over you with singing." 
-Zephaniah 3:17 

Sun Slizahffi Sratquhm 

Hometown: Greenville. SC 


Minor: Accountins 

"Wait for the Lord: be strong and 
take heart and wait for the LORD 
Delight yourself in the LORD, and 
He will give you the desires of 
your heart." 
-Psalm 27:14: 37:4 

144 Building Blocks: Seniors 

JKdden Sean 3?cw. 

Hometown: Birmingham, AL 
Major: Philosophy and History 

"There are times in life when the 

question of knowing if one can 

think differently than one thinks 

and perceive differently than one 

sees, is absolutely necessary if one 

is to go on looking and 

reflecting at all." 

-Michel Foucault 

Hometown: Augusta, GA 
Major: Natural Science 

"Whom have I in heaven but Thee? 

And besides Thee, I desire nothing on 

earth. My flesh and my heart may fail 

but God is the strength of my heart and 

my portion forever. For behold, those 

who are far from Thee will perish. 

Thou hast destroyed all those who 

are unfaithful to Thee. But as for me, 

the nearness of God is my good; I 

have made the Lord God my refuge. 

That I may tell all Thy works." 

-Psalm 73:25-28 

^luiJofiha. Sohn Sfdheh 

Hometown: Winnipeg, 

Manitoba, Canada 

Major: Histoiy 

Minor: Philosophy 

"Dear friends, you who have been 

raised with Christ are pilgrims in a 

desolate land. Do not slumber nor 

tarry on your journey, but walk 

worthy of the Lord. Be diligent to 

be found by Him without spot and 

blameless. Abide in Him. Let us 

not be ashamed at His coming." 

Sfchadie "felizabdi Sfiame 

Hometown: McConnells, SC 
Major: Elementary Education, 
grades 4-8 

"Do my questions provoke you to 
smile at me and bid me simply to 
acknowledge you and praise you 
for what I do know?" 

Sfamud dfajielli 'Slam. 

Hometown: Indian Trail, NC 
Major: English 
Minor: Missions 

"It must be a poor life that achieves 
freedom from fear." 
-Aldo Leopold 

Hometown: St. Louis, MO 
Major: Elementary Education 
Minor: Spanish 

"What is your only comfort, in life 
and in death? 

That I am not my own, but belong 
body and soul, in life and in death 
to my faithful Savior Jesus Christ." 

Building Blocks: Seniors 145 

Hometown: Valdosta, GA 
Major: Philosophy 

'"You come of the Lord Adam and 

the Lady Eve' said Asian. 'And 

that is both honour enough to erect 

the head of the poorest beggar, and 

shame enough! to bow the 

shoulders of the greatest emperor 

in earth. Be content.'" 

-C.S. Lewis 

Earned S&deuon Goodman 

Hometown: St. Louis 

Major: Chemistry 

Minor: Math and Physics 

"Them that takes cakes 

which the Parsee-man bakes 

Makes dreadful mistakes." 

-The Parsee man 

3iwm (otizade/k &wh 


Hometown: Sarasota, FL. 
Major: Sociology 

"And we thank Thee that 

darkness reminds of light." 

-T. S. Eliot 

^David Hicham 

Hometown: Marlton, NJ 
Major: Natural Science: Pre- 

"My soul finds rest in God alone; 
my salvation comes from Him. He 
alone is my rock and my salvation: 
He is my fortress, I will never be 
-Psalm 62:1,2 

Sew tjKaSjO, 

Hometown: Harrisburg, PA 
Major: History 

"When you know a thing, to hold 
that you know it; and when you dc 
not know a thing, to allow that yoi 
do not know it; this is knowledge.' 

dfonaffian 3ied ifflamillon 

Hometown: Tallahassee, Fl 
Major: History 

"I can do all things through Christ 
who strenghens me." 
-Philippians 4:13 

146 Building Blocks: Seniors 

Seuka 3FiJw ^Camen 

Hometown: Westminster, MD 

Major: Environmental Biology 

Minor: Chemistry 

"What a wonderful 

bird the frog are 

When he stand, he sit almost 

When he hop, he fly almost. 

He ain't got no sense hardly. 

He ain't got not tail hardly either. 

When he sit, he sit on what 

he ain't got almost." 



Hometown: Cape Coral, FL 

Major: English 

Minor: Philosophy 

" I wanna drink out of that fountain 

on a hill called double cure. 

I wanna show you my allegiance Lord 

yes, I wanna be a son of yours 

you ask why I love Him? 

He gave riches to this poor... 

Yes and I will one day see that Face 

over yonder shore." 

< foanna <$CaditiZ6 

Hometown: Rex, GA 
Major: Music 

"Torment in the dark was the 

danger that I feared, and it did not 

hold me back. But I would not 

have come had I known the danger 

of light and joy." 

-J.R.R. Tolkien 

The Fellowship of the Ring 

dfonalkan &Si ^CaJinz& 

Hometown: Rex, GA 
Major: Biblical Studies 
Minor: Music 

"From ev'ry stormy wind that blows. 
From ev'ry swelling tide of woes. There 
is a calm, a sure retreat; Tis found 
beneath the mercy seat.There is a spot 
where spirits blend. Where friend holds 
fellowship with friend, tho' sundered 
far; by faith they meet Around the 
common mercy seat. There, there on 
eagle wings we soar. And time and sense 
seem all no more, and Heav'n comes 
down our souls to greet. And glory 
crowns the mercy seat." 
-Hugh Stowell 


Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA 
Major: English 

"Shall she not find in the comforts of 
sun. In pungent fruit and bright, green 
wings, or else in any balm or beauty of 
the earth, things to be cherished like the 
thought of heaven? Divinity must live 
within herself: passions of rain, or 
moods in falling snow; Grievings in 
loneliness, or unsubdued elations when 
the forest booms; gusty emotions on wet 
roads on autumn nights; all pleasures 
and all pains, remembering the bough of 
summer and the winter branch. These 
are the measures destined for her soul." 
-Wallace Stevens, "Sunday Morning" 

QEeah Jtflaik (JCeids 

Hometown: Arnold, MD 
Major: English 
Minor: History 

"A hundred years from now it will 
not matter what my bank account 
was, the sort of house I lived in or 
the car I drove... but the world may 
be different because I was impor- 
tant in the life of a child." 

Building Blocks: Seniors 147 

lewn | 


Bundimulinga, Uganda 

Major: Environmental Biology 

"Be yourself, cuz no one else can!" 

Hometown: Bartlett, 1L 

Major: Information and Computer 


Hometown: Tacoma, WA 

Major: History and Business 

Minor: Economic Development 

"For where God built a church. 

there the devil would 

also build a chapel." 

-Martin Luther 

148 Building Blocks: Seniors 

'ydaie Srleuecca afCowmd 

Hometown: Alpharetta, GA 

Major: English 

Minor: Non-Teaching Education 

"These appearances catch at my 
throat; they are free gifts, the 
bright coppers at the 
foots of trees." 
-Annie Dillard 

^Danid O^incerd ^Kudmn 

Hometown: Lisbon, Portugal 
Major: Sociology 
Minor: Youth MinisVv 

"I will sing of the LORD'S great 
love forever; with my mouth I will 
make your faithfulness known 
through all generations." 
-Psalm 89:1 

^Maiyi JKadina o)mL 

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO 

"But seek first His kingdom and 
His righteousness, and all these 
things shall be given to 
you as well." 
-Matthew 6:33 

San £P. SaaJm dfu 

Hometown: Baltimore, MD 

Major: English 

Minor: Youth Ministry, Sociology, 

and Philosophy 

"Do not let any sweet-talking 

women beguile your good sense 

with fascinations of her shape. It's 

your barn she's after." 

-Hesiod. Works and Days 

efemuca <jvww etc/Mine 

Hometown: Machipongo, VA 

Major: History 

Minor: Non-Teaching Education 

"The journey in between what you 

once were and who you are now 

becoming is where the dance of 

life really takes place." 

-Barbara DeAngleis 

^heuffi <SBioohe dfohrwn 

Hometown: Denver, CO 

Major: History 

Minor: Secondary Education 

"Riddle me this: once I am said, I 
am no longer." 

y'm, &dwmd dfofuwn 

Hometown: Escondido, CA 
Major: History 
Minor: Sociology 


Hometown: Lookout Mtn, GA 

Major: English 

Minor: Music and Secondary 


"Who shall say I'm not the happy 
genius of my household." 
-William Carlos Williams 

Sftndww- &{eom 3iiraLa 

Hometown: Little Rock, AR 
Major: Biblical Studies 

"Be like the fellas in the 
adventure books...." 
-Neal Howard 

Building Blocks: Seniors 149 

Hometown: Ml. Crawford, VA 
Major: Applied Music 

"Music is not a spectator 

sport but daily do it yourself 

bread, wine and T.V." 

-Robert Shaw 

Sfmah JXaffum 3im^ 

Hometown: Ambridge, PA 

Major: English 

Minor: Secondary Education 

"We the globe can compass soon. 

Swifter than the wandering moon. 

Come, my lord, and in our flight, 

Tell me how it came this night 

That I sleeping here was found 

With these mortals on the ground" 


A Midsummer Night 's Dream 

J9ak May J>% ohJW 

Hometown: St. James Cits', FL 
Major: History 

"I'll tell you what." 
-Mark K. Krieg 111 


Hometown: Orlando, FL 
Major: Elementary Education 

"For I know the plans I have for 
you," declares the Lord, "plans to 
prosper you and not to harm you, 
plans to give you hope and a 
-Jeremiah 29: 1 1 

Hometown: Atlanta, GA 

Major: Information and Computer 


"May your ways be known throughout 
the earth, your saving power among 
people everywhere. May the nations 
praise you, O God, yes, may all the 
nations praise you. How glad the nations 
will be, singing for joy, because you 
govern them with justice and direct the 
actions of the whole world" 
-Psalm 67:2-4 

JXmm ■SHMen 'sEjeomnspod 

Hometown: Biloxi, MS 
Major: Elementary Education 

"Because of the Lord's great love 
we are not consumed, for His 
compassions never fail. They are 
new every morning; great is thy 
-Lamentations 3:22,23 

150 Building Blocks: Seniors 

Sanna &umnne QEevi 

Hometown: Miami, FL 
Major: Elementary Education 

"Because of the Lord's great love 

we are not consumed, for His 

compassions never fail. They are 

new every morning; great is your 

faithfulness. I say to myself, 'The 

Lord is my portion: therefore I will 

wait for Him.'" 

-Lamentations 3:22-24 

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO 
Major: Elementary Education 

"Neither go back in fear and 

misgiving to the past, nor anxiety 

and forecasting to the future; but 

lie quiet under His hand, having 

not your will but His." 

-H. E. Manning 

Hometown: Denver, CO 

Major: IDS: English, History, and 

Biblical Studies 

"For our citizenship is in Heaven." 
-Philippians 3:20 

&mah Sftjdwtm Q&um 

Hometown: Lexington, SC 
Major: Economics 

"For God has not given us a spirit 
of fear, but of power and of love 
J and of a sound mind." 
§5 -II Timothy 1:7 

^Pamela Qfjukaun 'sEmcm 

Major: Sociology 

Minor: Interpersonal Counseling 

and Youth Ministry 

"Ask God, trust God and expect 

His blessings." 


(Jonathan SPhilifi ^Maffd 

Hometown: Orlando. FL 
Major: Computer Science and 

"The man who does not read good 
books has no advantage over the 
man who cannot read them." 
-Mark Twain 

Buildina Blocks: Seniors l?l 

Hometown: Rossville, GA 

Major: Psychology 
Minor: Sociology 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 

somewhere ages and ages henee; 

Two roads diverged in a wood, 

and I-I took the one less traveled 

by, and that has made 

all the difference." 

-Robert Frost, 

"The Road Not Taken" 

lainwltw iKdne^ JfflmtlwLl 

Hometown: Cypress, CA 

Major: IDS: Business, Sociology, 

Economic Development 

"Lord, thou art Life, though I be 

dead; love's fire thou art, however 

cold I be; nor Heaven have I, nor 

place to lay my head, 

nor home, but thee." 

-Christina G. Rosetti 

iMxuoke Qumsjvm 

'in III 

Hometown: Littleton, CO 

Major: History 

Minor: Math, Non-Teaching Ed. 

"I tried to cut the rope, but the rope 

wouldn't cut." -Ty Willison 

"I saw me a girl and before she could 

leave, I said 'Let's you and me play 

Adam and Eve.' I took her by the hand 

and my heart was thumpin, she said, 

'hey man, you crazy or somelhin'?'" 

-Bob Dylan 

"When Bob Dylan dies, they're gonna 

put another book in the Bible." 

-Dave Coe 

Sendta. 3ftenee QEo&iccdo 

Hometown: Bradenton, FL 
Major: Accounting 

"Many say Fred Astair was the 
century's greatest show dancer; I 
say that Ginger Rogers did 
everything Fred Astair did, only 
backwards and in heels!" 

c iPilliam 

Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya 
Major: Biblical Studies 
Minor: Youth Ministry 

"Do not merely listen to the Word 
and so deceive yourselves. Do 
what it says." 
-James 1:22 

Rachel <%ezm Jflidwl 

Hometown: Platte, SD 
Major: Psychology 

"Be happy, young man, while you are 
young, and let your heart give you joy 
in the days of your youth. Follow the 
ways of your heart and whatever your 
eyes see. but know that for all these 
things God will bring you to judgement. 
So then, banish anxiety from your heari 
and cast off the troubles of your 
body, for youth and vigor 
are meaningless." 
-Ecclesiastes 1 1:9-10 

152 Building Blocks: Seniors 

JXmen ^Honahan 

Hometown: Naples, FL 

Major: English 

Minor: Secondary Education 

"Visit us again. Savior. Your 

children, burdened with disbelief, 

blinded by a patina of wisdom, 

carom down this vale of fear. We 

cry for you although we have lost 

your name." 

-Maya Angelou, "Savior" 

'cm (aua 

Hometown: Buenos Aires, 


Major: Biblical Studies, Missions 

Minor: Spanish 

"But he said to me, 'My grace is 

sufficient for you, for my power is made 

perfect in weakness.' Therefore I will 

boast all the more gladly about my 

weaknesses, so that Christ's power may 

rest on me. That is why, for Christ's 

sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insult, in 

hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. 

for when I am weak, then I am strong." 

-II Corinthians 12:9-10 

?a tjvimsan 

Hometown: Richmond, VA 

Major: IDS: Psychology, 

Sociology, Missions 

"Let me hear thy loving kindness 

in the morning; for I trust in thee; 

Teach me the way in which I 

should walk; For to thee I lift up 

my soul... for I am thy servant." 

-Psalm 143:8,12 


Hometown: Ellijay, GA 
Major: Pre-Physical Therapy 

"Being confident of this very 
thing, that He who began a good 
work in you will complete it until 
the day of Jesus Christ...." 
-Phillippians 1:6 

^Mmam oMyaiud <Mvmia 

Hometown: Nyeri, Kenya 
Major: Biblical Studies 
Minor: Missions 

"Every good and perfect gift 
comes from the Lord." 


Hometown: Lookout 

Mountain, TN 

Major: Philosophy and Religion, 


Minor: Youth Ministry 

"Give me that old time religion; 
It was good to stop the pirates." 
-David Yleah 

Building Blocks: Seniors 153 

&ui ^kuAan (Dim? 

Hometown: Augusta, GA 
Major: Biblical Studies 

"The Lord has done great things 

for us, and we are filled with joy." 

-Psalm 126:3 


Hometown: Stone Mountain, GA 
Major: Business Administration 

"The greatest pleasure in life is 

doing what people say 

you cannot do." 

-Walter Bagehot 

Hometown: Tacoma, WA 

Major: Music, vocal performance 

Minor: Piano 

"Naked I came from my mother's 

womb, and naked shall I return 

there. The Lord gave, and the Lord 

has taken away; Blessed be the 

name of the Lord." 

-Job 1:21 

dfacd 3Hdlie SPailm 

Hometown: San Antonio, TX 
Major: Biblical Studies 
Minor: Youth Ministry 

"I went to the woods because I 
wanted to live deliberately. I 
wanted to live deep and suck out 
all the marrow of life. To put to 
rout all that was not life and when I 
had come to die, discovered that I 
had not lived." 
-Henry David Thoreau 

tsfauth 3Ftanm £Paulk 

Hometown: Marietta, GA 
Major: Psychology 
Minor: Sociology, Missions 

"So I said, 'Oh, that I had wings 
like a dove! I would fly away and 
beat rest."' 
-Psalm 55:6 

Hometown: St. Louis, MO 
Major: Environmental Biology 

"All things counter, original, spare 
strange; Whatever is fickle, 
freckled (who knows how?) with 
swift, slow; sweet, sour; a dazzle, 
dim; he fathers-forth whose beauty 
is past change; Praise Him." 
-Gerard Manley-Hopkins 

154 Building Blocks: Seniors 

loeak 'Slizdelh £Pd>dla 

Hometown: Philadelphia. PA 
Major: Psychology 

"I'm a pixie, I'm a paperdoll, I'm a 

cartoon, I'm a chipper cheerful free 

for all and I light up a room. I'm 

the color me happy girl. 

Miss Live and Let Live...." 

-Ani Difranco 

@)iam J% 9W 

Hometown: Milledgeville, GA 
Major: Psychology 

"For we are His workmanship, 

created in Christ Jesus for good 

works, which God prepared 

beforehand that we should 

walk in them." 

-Ephesians 2:10 

Sohn @)cmid ^mk, Si. 

Hometown: Atlanta, GA 

Major: IDS: Philosophy, Bible, 


"You can't be a Real Country 

unless you have a beer and an 

airline. It helps if you have some 

kind of a football team, or some 

nuclear weapons, but at the very 

least you need a beer." 

-Frank Zappa 

MM &M, 9>owdl 

Hometown: Woodbridge, VA 
Major: Pre-Physical Therapy 

"Far better it is to dare mighty 
things, to win glorious triumphs, 
even though checkered by failure, 
than to rank with those poor spirits 
who neither enjoy much nor suffer 
much because they live in the grey 
twilight that knows neither victory 
nor defeat." 
-Theodore Roosevelt 

QEcum Olivia SPuzk 

Hometown: Anniston, AL 

Major: English 

Minor: Secondary Education 

"Father, have me go anywhere, 
only go with me; Lay any burden 
on me, only sustain me; Have me 
break any bond but the bond that 
binds me to you." 

@)dj G/Ukde 3Um 

Hometown: Seminole, EL 
Major: Sociology 

"Courage is fear that has its 

Building Blocks: Seniors 155 

'offlM &HZ 
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO 
Major: Elementary Education 

"Maybe the way which we travel 

and the attitude we have while 

making our way through life is 

more important than reaching our 

destination. Or could it be that in 

God's sight, the way is the 


-Corrie ten Boom 

Hometown: Severna Park, MD 

Major: Bible 

Minor: Missions 

"For the eyes of the Lord move to 

and fro throughout the earth that 

He may strongly support those 

whose heart is completely His." 

-2 Chronicles 16:9a 

Hometown: Salisbury, MD 
Major: Business 

"Apparently they give out a lot 

fewer D pluses than D minuses. 

It's not a grade they like to give 

out. I'll tell you that." 

"You know, lots of people go to 

college for seven years." 

-Chris Farley as Tommy Callahan 

Y^* L^ m \m 

3kU JUwd M$hk 

Hometown: DeLand, FL 

Major: Information and Computer 


"His love enudures forever." 
-Psalm 136 

tMdma Sftnn Sftine 

Hometown: Carter Lake, I A 
Major: Elementary Education 

"Fear not. for I am with you, be noi 
dismayed, for I am your God. I 
will strengthen you, Yes, I will 
help you, I will uphold you with 
My righteous right hand." 
-Isaiah 41:10 

@)awt William MMon 

Hometown: Tuscaloosa, AL 
Major: IDS: Music, English, and 

"Once you become aware that the 
main business that you are here foi 
is to know God, most of life's 
problems fall into place of their 
own accord." 
-J.I. Packer 

156 Building Blocks: Seniors 

QEawa 38effi 3Hoduzuez 

Hometown: Clinton, MS 

Major; Psychology 

Minor: Missions 

"The Lord your God is with you. 

he is mighty to save. 

He will take great delight in you, 

he will quiet you with his love, 

he will rejoice over you 

with singing." 

-Zephaniah 3:17 

Hometown: Bozeman, MT 

Major: Business Administration 

Minor: Accounting 

"Where is the wise man? Where is 
the scholar? Where is the philoso- 
pher of this age? Has not God 
made foolish the wisdom 
of this world?" 
-I Corinthians 1:20 

Uzaoeoi tvcuiue &ajUd 

Hometown: Los Osos, CA 

Major: History 

Minor: Non-Teaching Education 

"My song is love unknown, my 

Savior's love to me. Love to the 

loveless shown, that they might 

lovely be. O who am I, that for my 

sake my Lord should take frail 

flesh and die?" 

-Samuel Crossman 


Hometown: Renaca, Chile 

Major: English 

Minor: Secondary Education 


Hometown: Maple Shade, NJ 

Major: Sociology 

Minor: Counseling and Youth 


"It is not by might, nor by power, 
but by My Spirit." 

Hometown: Zebulon, GA 
Major: English 
Minor: Accounting 
"Just now I feel quite out of my 
depth, and whatever I have said has 
come from my experience. I am 
sure you will forgive me. All that 
it amounts to is this: that it is very 
natural for us to cry for the moon 
but it would be very fatal to have 
our cries heard." 
Spoken by d'Alcacer in The 
Rescue by Joseph Conrad 

Building Blocks: Seniors 157 

Hometown: Lakeland, FL 
Major: English and History 

"Nobody, not even the rain has 

such small hands." 

-e.e. cummings 

SMdunn QEmiaJmuk 

Hometown: Northjield, IL 
Major: English 

"The only place outside heaven 
where you can be perfectly safe 
from all the dancers and perturba- 
tions of love is hell.... We shall 
draw nearer to God, not by trying 
to avoid the sufferings inherent in 
all loves, but by accepting them 
and offering them to Him." 
-C.S. Lewis 

3ixm &uzaniw Sftadeu 

Hometown: Orlando, FL 
Major: History 
Minor: English 

"Be still, my soul; the hour is 

hastening on when we shall be 

forever with the Lord, when 

disappointment, grief, and fear are 

gone, sorrow forgot, love's purest 

joys restored. Be still, my soul; 

when change and tears are 

past, all safe and blessed we 

shall meet at last." 

dfoxfih Srfawn Sftavm 

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI 

Major: Economics and Biblical 


"C-U-P. C-U-P? What's that 


-C. Tyler Willison 

Hometown: Columbia, SC 
Major: Elementary Education 

"I will instruct thee and teach thee 
in the way which thou shah go; I 
will guide thee with mine eye." 
-Psalm 32:8 

Hometown: Lecanto, FL 
Major: English 

"The road goes ever on and on 
And I must follow, if I can 
Pursuing it with eager feet 
Where my paths and errands meet. 
And whither then? I cannot say." 
-Bilbo Baggins 

Sohn Kelvin &wed III 

Hometown: Lapeer, MI 

Major: Business 

Minor: Economic Development 

"My life is full of ambivalence." 
— raindly 

zuawn & uzanne 

Hometown: Kingston, TN 
Major: Biology 
Minor: Chemistry 

"A smile is like tight underpants, it 
makes your cheeks go up." 

158 Building Blocks: Seniors 


"A cigarette was only to be lighted 

on special occasions; and now 

they were only three left and they 

had to be made to last 

till the end of life." 

-Joseph Conrad, The Rescue 

turn £Paige ( 7oad&i 

Hometown: Ft. Myers, FL J 
Major: Elementary Education I 

"My brethren, count it all joy 

when you fall into various trials, 

knowing that the testing of your 

faith produces patience. But let 

patience have its perfect work, that 

you may be perfected and 

complete, lacking nothing." 

James 1:2-4 

Hometown: Omaha, NE 

Major: History 

Minor: Economic Development 

"There are no 'ifs' in God's 

kingdom. His timing is perfect. 

His will is our hiding place." 

-Corrie ten Boom 

Sftachd ^aUwdne Milieu 

Hometown: Columbus, GA 

Major: English 

Minor: Biblical Studies 

"How did it get so late so soon? 

It's night before it's afternoon. 

December is here before June. 

My goodness how time has flewn 

How did it get so late so soon?" 

-Dr. Seuss 

Hometown: Orlando, FL 
Major: Psychology-Clinical 

"They turned blue. Wfiat could I 
do? She had a beard. He felt 
weird. My friends 
all laughed... Usta!" 
"I'm confused." 
"I love my lips!" 

£&wd <5$ine IdoIwi 

Hometown: Orange Park, FL 
Major: Elementary Education 

"Many, O Lord my God, are the 
wonders you have done. The 
things you planned for us no one 
can recount to you; were I to speak 
and tell of them, they would be too 
many to declare!" 


f uzanm 


Hometown: Wherever my family 
happens to be 
Major: Biology 
Minor: Chemistry 

"Out of God's love I came to life, 
by God's love I am sustained, and 
by His love I am always 
called back." 
-Henri Nouwen 

Hometown: Atlanta, GA 
Major: Elementary Education 

"Behold what manner of grace that 
we would be called your children, 
unspeakable joy, setting me free, 
Just to know you as the Father is 
all I'll ever need. Behold what 
manner of love." 

Building Blocks: Seniors 159 

Hometown: Grapevine, TX 

Major: Philosophy 

Minor: English and History 

"Now, sons of Adam, draw your 

swords... but use only the flat, for it 

is cowards and children, not 

warriors against whom I send you." 


Jl/laniLi QEeigh r Pime& 

Hometown: Slatesboro, GA 

Major: Sociology 

Minor: Relational Counseling 

"The Lord Himself goes before 

you and will be with you; he will 

never leave you nor forsake you. 

Do not be afraid; do not be 


-Deuteronomy 31:8 

Hometown: Blytheville, AR 

Major: Psychology 

Minor: Music 

"Personality, like every other 

living thing, changes as it grows." 

-Gordon Allport 

QEua *s£ochwocd *Weh 

Hometown: St. Louis, MO 

Major: Elementary Education, 

grades 4-8 

"The Lord your God is with you. 

He is mighty to save. He will take 

great delight in you. He will quiet 

you with His love, He will rejoice 

over you with singing." 

-Zephaniah 3:17 

160 Building Blocks: Seniors 

Hometown: Marseille, France 
Major: Biology 
Minor: Chemistry 

"Le Viconte: Vous avez un 
nez...heu...une nez...tres grand... 
Cyrano: C'est tout?...Ah! Non! C'est un 
pou court, jeune homme! On pouvait 
dire. ..Oh! DieuL.bien des choses en 
somme...En variant !e ton, par example, 
tenez. Descriptif: C'est un roc!. ..c'est 
un pic!. ..c'est un cap! Que dis-je, c'est 
un cap?. ..C'est une peninsula! 
-Edmond Rostand, Cyrano de Bergerac 

SBdhanu &affi 'WeJon 

Hometown: Charleston, SC 
Major: Elementary Education 
Minor: Music 

"Great is Thy faithfulness! Great is 
Thy faithfulness! Morning by 
morning new mercies I see. All I 
have needed Thy hand hath 
provided. Great is Thy faithful- 
ness. Lord unto me!" 

^tace Wlen 'While 

Hometown: Mebane, NC 
Major: English 
Minor: Art 

"Draw straightforwardly, with 
charcoal, pencil or what you wish, 
observing especially the contours, 
because you will not yet be too 
sure of preserving them with 
commencing to paint." 
-Claude Monet 

lohmm Waine 'White 

Hometown: Corpus Christi, TX 
Major: Elementary Education 

"He is no fool who gives what he 

cannot keep to gain what he cannot 


-Jim Elliot (as a college student in 


<-Michdle Q£mn fyPiegm 

Hometown: Lancaster. PA 

Major: IDS: Education, Spanish. 

and Sociology 

"Siempre mira ariba." 

Hwepw dfod c W'dhdm 

Hometown: Suwanee. GA 

Major: IDS: Sociology, Youth 

Ministry. Missions 

"Because you are sons, God sent 

the Spirit of his son into our hearts, 

the Spirit who calls out, 'Abba, 

Father.' So you are no longer a 

slave but a son; and since you are a 

son, God made you also an heir." 

-Galatians 4:6-7 

"I will." -Esther Herron Wilhelm. 

July 24, 1999 

(cmn ( VPdliwm 

Hometown: Lookout Mountain, 


Major: IDS: English, Spanish, 

Biblical Studies 

"I'm short and fat and proud of 

that, and you will soon agree, that 

with a healthy, happy appetite, I'm 

a healthy, happy bear." 

-Winnie the Pooh 

'Seu QEmm c W'tlliammt, 

Hometown: Flintstone, GA 

Major: Elementary Education 

Minor: Art 

"They said I would shine like the 

lights of the city; I hoped I would 

shine like the moon on the sea." 

-J. Edwards 

Hometown: Naples, FL 
Major: IDS: Art, Bible, History 

"I was sitting on the toilet the other 
day thinking: you know, when I'm 
eighty I'll still be doing the same 
thing, sitting on the toilet." 
-Wisdom from Bentwee 

Smm &ctu 'Wilton 

Hometown: Charleston, SC 
Major: Elementary Education 

"Peace 1 leave with you, my peace 
1 give to you. I do not give to you 
as the world gives. Do not let your 
hearts be troubled and do not be 
-John 14:27 

Sarni 'Wade 'Wood 

Hometown: Tuscaloosa, AL 
Major: IDS: History, Philosophy, 
Youth Ministry 

"Of making many books there is 

no end, and much study wearies 

the body." 


"Better a poor but wise youth than 

an old but foolish king who no 

longer knows how to take 


-Ecclesiastes 4:13 

^MjcMuux SodvM fyPiieJil 

Hometown: Fayetteville, GA 

Major: Biology 

Minor: Chemistry, Biblical Studies 

"Never doth a soul know what 
solid joy and substantial pleasure is 
till, once being weary of itself, it 
renounces all property and gives 
itself up to the Author of its 
-Henry Scougal 

Building Blocks: Seniors 161 

Elizabeth Adams Michael Agate Sara Akin Tiffany Albertson Esther Alfonzo Jade Alger 

Brenden Allen Sara Allen Ruth Allison Christine Alston Jolene Andersen Beth Anderson 

Katie Anderson Todd Anderson Christine Andrews Ashley Archambo Andres Arroyo Allison Atkins 

Debra Bailey Melissa Baird Amanda Baker Jane Baldschun AnneBarbieri Ginny Barker 

Katy Barker Kathryn Barnes Jamie Barrett John Batusic Mike Bedzyk Jodi Belk 

Heather Bell Jake Bennett Heidi Bentson Tim Bentson Jane Berry Ginny Blair 

162 Building Blocks: Underclassmen 

Robert Brant Katherine Brightbill Nathan Brinkerhoff Danielle Broadway- Anna Grace Brown Adam Bruce 


Sarah Bruhn Megan Bryson Janelle Bulicz Jeff Bulthuis Ian Burguet Melissa Busing 

Silly Byerly DavidCaines Sara Camenisch SaraCampbell Matthew Carr Cami Carroll 

Building Blocks: Underclassmen 163 

Micah Carver Jocelyn Cary Maryanne Challies Joanna Chinchen Kirstin Chisholm Ben Christmann 

Kelly Clarkson Kris Clarkson Amy Clawson Tim Cleary SheaClingerman Emily Clutcher 

Stephen Cook April Counts Elizabeth Counts Lydia Counts Kevin Courter Jerem> C< 

Devon Crowe John Cunnings Carrie Delph Stephen Dennison Mac Crockett Becky DePrin 

i 64 Building Blocks: Underclassmen 

Kelly Dick Bethany Dixon Julia Doerfel Jaymi Dorris Abigail Downer Amanda Duffle 

Nathan Early Careth Eide Andy Eisenbraum Nicole Ellis Rebekah Enter Rich Ev 

Elizabeth Catherine Feamster AlishaFerman Lindsay Fidati Alison Fikkert Karen Fink 


ElisaFinn Lucas Fitts Sean Flynn Jeremy Foreman Laurel Foreman Suzanne Foucachon 

Nathan Fowler Lisa Franceschini Bethany Franks Kristin Fray Emily Gallamore 

Building Blocks: Underclassmen 165 

Monique Good Geoff Goodman Chris Gosey Ben Grady Heidi Grandy 






Shannon Green Adria Greenwald Seth Greenwald Robynne Greyling Lauren Griffin Sheldon Grizzle 

Cameron Hastie jj na Hawk Carrie Hayes 

166 Building Blocks: Underclassmen 

Dabney Hayes Josh Hayes Amelia Heath Justin Hecht Matt Hedingcr Dan Henry 

Janelle Hensley Nicholas Herndon Peter Herron 

MaryHiggins Lindsay Hill Paul Hinkson Katie Hirsh Emily Hitchman Brianne Hodgson 

Abigail Hudson Jessica Hudson Meagan Hudson Ben Huffine Rebecca Hurley Chester Hutchii 

Building Blocks: Underclassmen 167 

Katie Ibsen David Illman Sarah Ireland Krista Iverts Becky James Miri Jamison 

r> it.. 

Joy Jansen Paul Jaussen Brian Johnsey Justin Johnson Mindy Johnson Travis Johnson 

Kristen Kelley Ben Kellogg Sarah Kennedy Paul Kent Susan Kent Grace Kim 

-.<nm »>, 

Stephen King Wendell Kinzler Mary Klinger Matt Kodatt 

Michael Krom Amy Kyle Jessica Lamb BeccaLamont KenLangley Emily Lanious 

168 Building Blocks: Underclassmen 

Claire Lowe Abigail Lundelius Fredrick Lutz RobMacDougall Molly Maddox Stephen Majausku 

Abigail Mallin Justin Malone Kathryn Malone Blaire Manning Scotty Manor Matt Mantooth 

Building Blocks: Underclassmen 169 

Jcnni Man/o Shlomit Maoz Nathan Maphet Matthew Paul Marino Sarah Martin 


Jailcy Martz Katie McClellan Samella Sean McDowell Austina McFarland Janna Mclndoe 


Tim Montgomery Josh Moon Julie Moore Cameron Morgan Ben Morrison Esther Morse 

170 Building Blocks: Underclassmen 

Dora Mugerwa Nola Muir Jon Murton Kclli Musselman Kristen Musselman Deirdre Nawrocki 

AnneNeal Jay Nelson Holly Neugard Rhonda Neugard DarceeNevin Emmaline Nov 

Debbie Nisbet Rebecca Norman Christine Norwood Laura O'Dell Mary Ohanian Tom Okie 

Natalie Opp Nathaniel Osborn Laura Osborne Nate Oster John Ottinger Amanda Outlar 

Beth Painter Monica Pappas Ben Parker Korbin Parker JoyLynne Parker Deborah Peele 

Anne Pelchar Paige Perret Esther Peters Matthew Peters Jack Peterson Caitlin Pettit 

Building Blocks: Underclassmen I 7 

Aaron Rapier Bryonie Rayburn Evangeline Rayburn Moriah Rayburn Joey Redd Abigail Reed 

Mark Rippetoe Josef Roberts Lael Rodriguez 

Josiah Roe Amy Roebke Mary Grace Rogers 

172 Building Blocks: Underclassmen 

Jaclyn Ryder Emily Sanders Jodi Saunders John Savage Julianne Savage Amy Schalansky 

*** ^jt — . 

Jessica Schlup Andy Schmidt Michael Schout 


Karl Schultz Heidi Schuringa 

Heather Simpson Doug Sims Tiffany Slater Katie Sligh Michael Sloan Mary Smartt 

Anna Smith Ashley Smith Chris Smith Christal Smith Emily Smith Nick Smith 

Building Blocks: Underclassmen 173 

Julie Swanson HosannaTamminga Trevor Taylor Rachel Templeton Maria Thomas Brad Thompson 

Dan Thompson Sarah Tilley Marcus Todd Kenneth Todd Michelle Toner Eric Towers 

174 Building Blocks: Underclassmen 

Ben Trice Warren Trice AlanaTrimmier Eddie Trygar lanine Tuininga 


Josh Turner John Tyler Beth Valkenburg Lionel van der Ethan Van Eck Ana Varela 


Pablo Varela Joy Vaughn Peter Vaughn Joy Vincent Esther Vogel Dan Voogt 

David Vreken Wendi Wallace Jenny Walker 

Fernando Kirk Winters Joshua Wise Grant Withington Melissa Withington Amanda Witvoet 


Building Blocks: Underclassmen 175 

Mason Wolf Jessica Wolfe Ian Work Ryan Wright Dan Wykoff Carolyn Wynja 

Morris Yaegashi Romeo Yleah Stephanie Young Kristine Zacharias Amy Zane Kelly Ziemer 

176 Building Blocks: Undercb 

Robert Ashlock - Education/ Professor 
Don Bailey - Grounds/ Supervisor 

Suzy Bakke - Office of Records/ Assistant (Master of Educa- 

Carolyn Ballard - Human Resources/ Administrative Assistant 
Betty Barliam - Accounting/ Administrative Assistant 

Cal Beisner - Interdisciplinary/ Associate Professor 

Tim Black - M & 0/ Painter Assistant 

Frank Brock - President 

Bruce Brown - Technology Services & Programming/ Technician 

Cathy Brumgard - Office Services/ Assistant 

Bob Bryan - Information & Computer Science/ Associate 


Keith Case • Admissions/ Assistant Regional Director 

Ray Clark - Biblical Studies/ Associate Professor 

Joseph Clumpner - Business/ Assistant Professor 

Carol Collier - B.E.S.T./ Assistant Supervisor 

Jean Corey - English/ Instructor 

Carol Corn - Accounting/ Clerk 

Angela Counts - Student Financial Planning/ Assistant - 


Majorie Crocker - Technology Services & Programming/ Director 

Phyllis Crooks - Accounting/ Controller 

Bill Davis - Philosophy/ Associate Professor 

Chris Dodson - Accounting/ Associate Professor 

Rebecca Dodson - AV Services/ Director & Master of Education/ 

Assistant Director 

Charles Donaldson - Chemistry/ Professor 

D.C. Dreger - Development/ Director 

Troy Duble - Admissions/ Director of Constituent Relations 

(Major Gifts) 

Corey Dupree - M & O/ Campus Safety & Security Coordinator 

Chris Dyches - Technology Services & Programming/ Technician 

Jonathan Entrekin - Student Development/ Resident Director - 

Carter Hall 

Suzy Entrekin - Student Development/ Pratical Service Assistant 

Tim Evearitt - Education/ Professor 

Brent Faulk - Admissions/ Regional Director 

Brian Fikkert - Economics/ Associate Professor 

Dennis Fogo - Publications/ Coordinator of College Relations 

Cliff Foreman - English Associate Professor 

Building Blocks: Faculty 177 

David Friberg - Music/ Associate Professor 

Virginia Garrison - Quest/ Associate Director/ Curriculum & 

Academic Supervisor 

Arthur Gauthier - B.E.S.T./ Maintenance Assistant 

James Goldsmith - M & O/ Preventive Maintenance Specialist 

Leda Goodman - Admissions/ Regional Director 

Don Graham - Education/ Professor & Student Development/ 


Wilma Graham - Office of Records/ Office Manager 

Artie Green - B.E.S.T. Supervisor 

Jay Green - History/ Assistant Professor 

Susan Green - Student Development/ Administrative Assistant 

Herman Griggs - M & O/ Preventive Maintenance Specialist 

Sharyl Griggs - Career Development/ Assistant Director 

Kathleen Haase - Student Development/ Resident Director - 

Maclellan Hall 

Daphne Haddad - Education/ Associate Professor & Director of 

Diversity Scholarship Program 

Jeff Hall - Academic Affairs/ Dean of Faculty & Masters of 

Education/ Director 

John Hamm - Music/ Professor 
Bob Harbert - Business Office/ Vice President of Administration 

& Finance 
Mike Haidie - Academic Affairs/ Director of Experiential 

Grace Haymes - Student Development/ Chapel Secretary 
Carolyn Hayes - Student Financial Planning/ Coordinator 

Russell Heddendorf - Sociology/ Professor 

Paul Hesselink - English/ Professor and Director of Maclellan 

Scholars Program 

Bill Higgins - M & 0/ Electrician 

Eddy Hilger - Admissions/ Regional Director 

Henry Hilliard - M & O/ Supervisor 

David Hoover - Quest/ Associate Professor & Chalmers/ 

Director of Training 

Phil Horton - Education/ Professor 

Kent Huff - Lead Equipment/ Groundskeeper 

Alvin Huffine - B.E.S.T./ Custodian -Founders 

Margaret Huffine - Quest/ Academic Advisor/ Group Projects 


Gary Huisman - Library/ Librarian 

Dot Hunter - Purchasing/ Director 

Rachel Jimenez - Conference & Special Events 

Jeremy Jones - Admissions/ Coordinator 

Jerry King - Career Development/ Director 

178 Building Blocks: Faculty 

Henry Krabhendam - Biblical Studies & Missions/ Professor 

Dale Lee - Physical Plant/ Director 

Phil Little - M & O/ Electrical Assistant 

Robert Littlejohn - Academic Affairs/ Vice President 

Elysa Lochstampfor - Admissions/ Assistant Office Manager 

Jack Lothers - Biology/ Professor 

Paula Lynch - Admissions/ Office Manager 

Craig Lyon - Auxiliary Services/ College Hostess 

Dan MacDougall - Biblical Studies/ Associate Professor 

Betsy Matthews - Student Development/ Resident Director ■ 

Student Apartments & Intramural Director 

John McMillan - Quest/ Director 
Larry Mehne - Chemistry/ Professor 
Barb Michal - Health Services/ Director 
Rodney Miller - Office of Records/ Dean 
Lucas Mininger • Development 

Ramona Moore - Student Financial Planning/ Student Work 

Programs Coordinator 

Regina Moore - Telephone/ Phone System Coordinator 

Tim Morris - Biology/ Associate Professor 

Rebecca Morton - Student Financial Planning/ Director 

Jack Muller - Sociology/ Professor 

Lee Ozier - Records/ Associate Registrar 

Mike Parker - Chalmers Center/ Director of Constituent 


Donald Petcher - Physics/ Associate Professor 

Ethan Pettit - Library/ Assistant Librarian 

Charlie Phillips - Development & Admissions/ Vice President 

Ed Pickel - Quest/ Program Recruiter 

Carol Pierce - Quest/ Academic Advisor/ Administrative 


Stephanie Pierce - Admissions/ Regional Director 

Harry Pinner - Institutional Research and Planning/ Vice 


Herb Politano - Auxiliary Services/ Director 

Pat Ralston - English/ Assistant Professor 

Brenda Rapier - Accounting/ Clerk 

Beverly Ridge - Quest/ Office Assistant 

Kathy Ross - Office of Records/ Assistant (Quest) 

Marshall Rowe - Development/ Director of Alumni Affairs 

Building Blocks: Faculty 179 

Mike Rulon - Psychology/ Associate Professor 
Michelle Savillc - Academic Administration/ Administrative 


Wilhclmus Schaffers - Math and Applied Science/ Professor 

Doug Sikkema - M & O/ Assistant Carpenter 

Doug Sizemore - ICS/ Professor 

Tami Smialek - PE/ Assl. Athletic Director/ Sports Information & 

Women's Basketball Coach 

Drake Smisson - Modern Language/ Assistant Professor 

Randy Smith - ICS/ Associate Professor 

Eric Speickcr - Student Development/ Resident Director - 

Founders Hall 

Joan Stanton - Academic Affairs/ Administrative Assistant 

Timothy Steele - Music/ Associate Professor 

Jane Stewart - Education/ Secretary 

Ken Stewart - Bible/ Associate Professor 

Margaret Stewart • Quest/ Financial Planning Assistant 

Cathy Surgick - Student Financial Planning/ Information 


David Taylor - Athletics/ Cross Country Coach 

Amy Townsend - Admissions/ Assistant Regional Director 

Oliver Trimiew - Interdis. Studies/ Associate Professor & 

Director of African- American Studies 

Robert Veal - M & O/ HVAC Technician 

Matthew Vos - Quest/ Recruiter 

Linda Walton - Institutional Research and Planning/ Assistant 

Jerry Wenger - Biology/ Associate Professor 

Glen Wieldraayer - M & O/ Carpenter 

Cindy Williamson - Office of Records/ Administrative Assistant 

180 Building Blocks: Faculty 

A Note from the President 

Congratulations to the class of 2000, the first 
class for the new millennium. When we look 
back and see all of the changes that have 
occurred in the last 100 years, even the most 
imaginative have a hard time thinking that the 
next century could bring even more change. 

You will live during most of this new century. 
Some believe that medical advances may even 
enable some of you to see the year 2100. My 
prayer is that Covenant will have prepared you 
well for this century. Doubtless the world will 
look very different, but I am convinced that 
there will be an even greater need than there is 
today for men and women who have their 
identity in Christ, who look at the world 
through the lens of the Bible, and who want to 
serve others and have the ability to think in 
this way. If the self-centered hedonism of 
today continues, the people who live coram 
deo will be ever more important. 

Thank you for what you have contributed 
while you were at Covenant College. We pray 
God's blessings upon you and hope that you'll 
come to share with us what God is doing 
through you and how we can improve what we 
did to serve future generations of students. 
Keep us in your prayers. 

In Christ, 

Frank A. Brock 

Building Blocks: Faculty 1 8 1 

Q&'ism Me^Stfs** 

It's hard to believe it, but the long-awaited day is finally 
here - the 2000 Tartan is complete! This day brings to an 
end over a year of regular staff meetings, hard work, late nights, 
laughter, a few tears, some not so appropriate words, and most 
importantly lots of fun. But, it does not bring to an end all the 
friendships that have been formed and strengthened or the 
memories that have been made. Those things will never be 

To our staff, you have all been wonderful. From the first 
staff meeting, your dedication, energy, creativity, ready laugh- 
ter, and good (well, most of the time) attitudes have never 
ceased to amaze us. Thank you for faithfully showing up for 
meetings and being ready and willing to work. Thank you 
for a job well done and something of which we can all be 
proud. We couldn't have done it without you! 

To the friendly Bagpipe people, we're glad that you 
stopped by to distract us and to keep us company on late 
nights in the publications' offices. Thanks for all the fun talks 
and music wars. Great job on the newspaper! 

Mike, thank you for nights out to eat, for making all the 
phone calls that we didn't want to make, for taking care of 
our hate mail, and for meticulously proofreading everything. 
We really appreciate all of your help, and we also appreciate 

you letting us take ownership of our book and do things for ourselves. 

To the Covenant community, we hope that you enjoy this year's 

book. We have worked long and hard, and we have tried to well represent 

all that happened during the 1 999-2000 school year. Thank you for help- 
ing us out by submitting pictures and writing stories. 

Finally, we could not have done any of this if we were not truly 

built on the cornerstone, Jesus Christ. He is our strength and salvation. 

We sincerely hope that we have represented Covenant College's motto, 

"In all thing, Christ pre-eminent," in all that we have done this past year 

and in every page of the yearbook that we produced. To God be the glory ! 


Random Memories from the 
1999-2000 Tartan Staff 

"Are you cutting Madrigals?," 75/15, 
"That's not quite a circle," Wolf Cam- 
era... again, "probably not," "thanks," 
spilling drinks, sunsets, "No, you can- 
not have some. These are our chips." 
Taco Mac and Panera, king and queen, 
"It's February, and I still can't log on 
to the computers," and "I'm going to 
wash your mouth out with soap." 

1 82 Editors and Credits and Other Stuff 

2000 Tartan 

Building on the Cornerstone 
| Editors and Credits and Other Stuff | 


Emily Jordan 
Nick Smith 

Building Community 

Bethany LoPiccolo 

Building Character 

Devon Crowe 
Kate Stewart 

Building Relationships 

Megan Boutwell 

Building Wisdom 

Devon Crowe 
Bethany LoPiccolo 

Building Perseverance 

Emily Boatright 

Building Blocks 

Kate Stewart 

Staff: Claire Larson, Janelle Hensley, Monica Pappas, Tiffany Albertson, 

Kelli Musselman, Moriah Rayburn 
Photographers: Cherith Johnson, Joe Cogliandro, Ellie Paige, Jim Lea, 

Monique Good, Nicole Horton, Iain Burguet 

Practical Steves Service: Janine Tuininga, Laura Osborne, Wendi Wallace 

Advisor: Mike Hardie 

Official B.E.S.T. Worker of the 2000 Tartan: Beth Painter 

Official Next-door-neighbor-food-eater-picture-stealer: Neal Howard 

The 2000 Tartan (volume 43) was published by Walsworth Publishing 
Company, located in Marceline, Missouri and represented by Bill Stoess. 
The book has 216 pages (17 in color), and all pages use AWPC body 
and display fonts. All scripture references (ads excepted) are taken with 
permission from the Holy Bible, New King James Version. The entire 
book was laid out in Adobe Pagemaker 6.5 on Dell Dimension XPS 
R350's with Pentium II processors (with some help from Cassandra). 
Based on I Peter 2:4-10, the theme "Building on the Cornerstone" was 
originally suggested by Janine Tuininga. Emily would like to thank 
Nathan Brauer. Student Senate Vice President, for graciously listening 
to her whine every day at work. Thanks to Autumn Fredericks and the 
rest of Student Senate for their generous support of the 2000 Tartan. 

Editors and Credits and Other Stuff 1 8 3 

Scott Raymond Anderson 

Covenant College 
Class of 2000! 

The father of a righteous man 
has great joy; he who has a wise 
son delights in him. May your 
father and mother be glad; may 
she who gave you birth rejoice! 

Proverbs 23:24-25 

You have always been a son that we have taken delight in. To 
know that you walk with the Lord is a great joy to us. We 
know that whatever you do in this life it will be your best. 

With all of our love. 
Dad and Mom 

Matthew Scott Bryant 

I thank God every day for your Christian 
witness and strength. You will never know 

how much that has helped me the last few 
years. May God always be first in your life. 


Destiny Rahrer 

Destiny, you are a blessing to us. We are proud of 
you, the accomplishments you have made, and your 
motivation to take on the challenges of life. You have 
already touched others in a special way, guiding them 
in directions that will change the course of their lives 

forever. Stay focused, and God's blessing will 
abound. Now go out there and give life a thumbs up! 

Love you, Pink Man's 

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We are so proud of (he 
good work God is « 
through you' 



He who began a good 
work in you will carry 
it on to completion un- 
til the day of Christ Jesus. 
Phiippians 1:6 

Jonathan Hamilton 

Mallory Dean 

We are so 
glad you 
came into 
our lives. 

Your Family, 

You came to us a special gift of God; you have a magnificent 
treasure of God's grace in your person and in your life. 

Nothing can tear us apart. 

We love you forever. 
Mom and Dad 

Advertisements 1 8 .^ 

Jessica Fay Wilson 

Thanks for your 
joyful heart! 

We love you, 
Mama & Daddy 

The joy of the Lord is your strength. 

Valerie Rebecca 

VALERIE ('val u re) n. sing. 1. cher- 
ished daughter 2. loving sister 3. fun 
pal 4. faithful friend 5. the king's 
daughter, all glorious within (Psalm 
45: 15). 

We love you, Val. Mom and Dad 


Thomas Cole Andreas 

Dear Tommy, 

Always look to God first, and you will find the joy and peace you seek. We are so very proud of you. 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall 
direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6 

But also for this very reason giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue, to virtue knowledge, to knowledge self-control, to 
self-control perseverance, to perseverance godliness, to godliness brotherly kindness, and to brotherly kindness love. For if 
these things are yours and abound, you will be neither barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. For he 
who lacks these things is short sighted, even to blindness, and has forgotten that he was cleansed from his old sins. Therefore, 
brethren, be even more diligent to make your call and election sure, for if you do these things you will never stumble, for so an 
entrance will be supplied to you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

2 Peter 1:5- 11 

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Joseph Staven 

Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel 
of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in 
the seat of mockers. But his delight is in the law of the 
Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night. He 
is like a tree planted by streams 
of water which yields its fruit 
in season and whose leaf does 
not wither. Whatever he does 
i prospers. 
; Psalm 1:1-3 

Congratulations Joe! 

We are so thankful that God has 

worked mightily in your life and 

pray that He will guide and bless 

your future. 


Mom and Dad 

Anne Brannin 

...Continue in the things 
which you have learned and 
been assured of; knowing 
from whom you have 
learned them, and that from 
childhood you have known 
the Holy Scriptures, which 
are able to make you wise 
for salvation through faith 
which is in Christ alone. 
2 Timothy 3: 14-15 



Angelica Monique Gritter 


St. Catharines, ON 

Major: English 
Minor: Philosophy 

Great is the Lord, and 
greatly to be praised in the 
city of our God, in the 
mountain of His holiness. 
Psalm 48:1 

Brian James Baxter 

Major: Bible 

Lord, I pray, that I should not be full of 
myself but rather full of you. 

Advertisements 1 8 7 

Dawn Swinney 

We are proud of you. 
We love you dearly. 

"Lay hold of my words with all your 

heart... do not forget my words or swerve 

from them...." Proverbs 4:1,27 

As you go forward with the plans God has 

laid out for you, we pray that you continue 

to hold His words close to your heart and 

walk with Him always. 

Your Family 

James Goodman 

"Do not fear for I am with you; 

do not be dismayed for I am your God, 

for I will strengthen you and help you; 

I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." 

Isaiah 41: 10 

Jamie, praise God for his covenant promises! 

He will be your strength and shield. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Geoff, Ian, Leda. and Christopher 

Evan Williams 

"Who is wise and under- 
standing among you? Let 
him show by good conduct 
that his works are done in the 
meekness of wisdom." 

James 3:13 

"Be kind to one another, ten- 
derhearted, forgiving each 
other, just as God in Christ 
also has forgiven you." 


Remember "Let's sleep on it" and "be a genius, 
Evan!" Prayer taps into God's wisdom. 

We love you always, 

Mom and Dad 

Kira, Tacy, Eric, Celeste, and Monty 

Bumpa, Nana, and Grammy B 

1 8 8 Advertisements 

John Calvin Sweet III 


You are a truly wonderful person who gives freely 

of time, talent, and love. Success will be yours. 

We love you, and we're proud you are our son. 

Congratulations! Love, 

Mom and Dad 
Will, Matt, and Mary 

Sarah Anne Ellison 

"I have no greater joy than to hear that 
my children walk in truth." Ill John 4 

Sarah, we are so thankful that God put you in our family. 

Your joyful spirit, sweet countenance, and helpful ways 

have blessed all of us. We thank God for you. We are 

PROUD of you and love you very much. 

Mom and Dad, Carrie, Jonathan, and Rachel 

Rob Colvin 

The parents of Rob Colvin 
would like to thank the Cov- 
enant College faculty, staff, and 

student body for their rich 
contributions to our son's life, 
spiritual growth, and develop- 
ment. We are so proud that he 
chose Covenant and that you 

accepted him as a student. 

Advertisements 1 8 9 

Stephanie Glass 

You have brought us such joy and we praise God for giving 

you to us. We are all so proud of you and what a godly young 

woman you have become. May God richly bless you as you 

seek to do His will. 

"...whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." 

All our love, 
Dad, Mom, Mike, and Lauren 

Kerry Caviness 

We praise God for all 
the blessings you 

have brought into our 
lives and for your 

steadfast trust in Him. 

Our prayer for you is "that the eyes of your 
heart may be enlightened, so that you may 
know what is the hope of His calling, what 
are the riches of the glory of His inheritance 
in the saints. " Ephesians 1:18 

We love you, Dad, Mom, Susannah 

Rachel Gleason 

"Are you not thirsty?" said the Lion. 

"I'm dying of thirst," said Jill. 

"Then drink," said the Lion. 

"May I-could I-would you mind going away 

while I do?" said Jill. 

The Lion answered this only by a look and a 

very low growl... 

"I daren't come and drink," said Jill. 

"Then you will die of thirst," said the Lion. 

"Oh dear!" said Jill, coming another step 

nearer. "I suppose I must go and look for 

another stream then." 

"There is no other stream," said the Lion. 

To our dear Rachel, 

Proverbs says, "A wise son brings joy to his father." You are living proof that it is 

so with a wise daughter as well. Always remember the stream! 

Kept with you between the paws of the true Asian, 

Mom and Dad 

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Elizabeth Marie Sands 

We give thanks to our Father in heaven for His 
grace as shown in your life. We stand amazed at 
how He has encouraged and helped you, espe- 
cially throughout the past four years as a student 
at Covenant College. He alone is worthy of all 

our praise! May our Lord guide you as you 

graduate, and may you continue to look to Him 

for what He has planned for your future. 

With Love and Admiration, 

Mom, Dad, and Laura 

Grandma and Pop 

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, 

His mercies never come to an end; 

they are new every morning; 

great is Thy faithfulness. 

Lamentations 3:22 

Jana Werson 

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activ- 
ity under heaven... (and there is a) time to keep." Even though 
the time of your photograph has passed, we have kept the 
precious memories of you growing up close to our hearts— 
for we know they are a gift from God. And now, Jana, this 
is your time to see what marvelous things God has in store 
for you. Trust and love the Lord with all your heart and He 
will be faithful. 

We love you always— Dad, Mom, and Matt 

Jennifer Collins 

Dear Jennifer, 
We continue to thank God for you as we have since God gave 
you to us. We are proud of what you have accomplished so 
far, through much hard work. It seems like you just started 
college, and here you are graduating! We are delighted with 
the person that you have by God's grace become (and are still 
in the process of becoming— 2 Cor. 3:18). May His power, love, 
and mercy continue to shine upon you and work within you, 
as you pursue God's calling upon your life (Phil. 3:12). 

Love, Mom and Dad 

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Jake Patton 

To the man who is anchored in the Lord, you have always been a joy and adven- 
ture for us! Your many "visible talents" often over-shadow your deep love for the 
Lord which we appreciate the most. We pray God will smile upon you as you have 
made others smile. We also pray His blessings and direction on how He will use you 
mightily in the future. 


Mom, Dad and Jill 

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you fsorfecf up 
u>itn ttlat mi>, ■:// , <eoou j a 
a/ta aoqqi'e ea?j 


you iniite, a fatfy 
fa/f of dealt, Jutt of tepei 
em^lacing t/le 10 si Sit 



No words could possibly express 

the love and pride we have for you. CTomoiiow 

May God lead your journey. All our love; Mom, Tami, Bobby, Jamie, Chance, 

Courtney, Greg, Patti, Mandy, Garry, Autumn, Moriah, and Mia 

"We continually remember before our God and Father 
your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, 
and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. " 

I Thessalonians 1:3 


We praise God for the countless blessings you have 
received at Covenant, and we pray His continued 
blessings as you walk in faith with Him. 
We love you and celebrate with you! 

In Christ. 

Tetli^s, Mom., Krista 
<^ra^dhA.a aiA,d pa-pa 

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That they might see His face 

Join Mission to the World and 
the Presbyterian Church in 
America, making a difference 
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Reformed Theological Seminary 

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m"A mind for truth, a heart for God" 
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Four traits of the Scottish Reformer, 
John Knox, the man for whom 
Knox Seminary is named. 

Join us at Knox Seminary 
as we work under God to see the 
pulpits and pews in our nation 
and our world filled with 
Christians like John Knox. 



Four traits desperately needed 
in our pulpits today and in our pews 
as well. 

Or ^mwjAVvwMV 

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Graduate-level theological study helping you change the world for Christ. 

Doctor of Ministry, Master of Divinity, Master of Biblical & Theological Studies, Graduate Certificates 

The stone which the 
builders rejected 
Has become the 
chief cornerstone. 
This was the 
LORD'S doing; 
It is marvelous in 
our eyes. 
Psalm 118:22-23 

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St. Louis Cardinals ' Mark McGwire hits his 6 1st home run of 
the season in the fourth inning against the Cincinatti Reds, 
Monday. Sept. 27. 1999. in Cincinatti. 

A weary U.S. Coast Guard helicopter 
crew arrives to refuel Sunday. Oct. 
.?/. 1999 at Nantucket Airport in 
Nantucket. Mass. after searching for 
survivors of Egypt Air Flight 990. 
The ill-fated airliner was Hying to 
Cairo from Los Angeles via New 

The New- York Yankees celebrate on 
the mound alter they beat the A tlanla 
Braves 4-1 in Game 4 to sweep the 
World Series Wednesday, Oct. 27, 
1999 in New York. 

A 51-year-old earthquake survivor weeps as she 
looks for her belongings in her collapsed house in 
Golcuk, Turkey. Friday, Aug. 27, 1999. Turkish 
officials acknowledged that the number of those 
left homeless by the earthquake nearedhalfa mil- 

200 Current Events: The Year 

A man and boy sit on their front porch surrounded by water and 
a submerged car in their front yard in Lodi, N.J., Friday. Sept 
17, 1999. Lodi is one of the towns around the state that was 
inundated by flood waters from Hurricane Floyd. 

Carlos Santana per- 
forms at Pine Knob 
Music Theater in 
Clorkson, Mich., Satur- 
day, June 12, 1999. 
Santana saw a resur- 
gence of his music, sell- 
ing over seven million 
copies of his album 
"Supernatural" (col- 
laborating with Rob 
Thomas of Matchbox 
20, and others) and 
winning eight Grammy 

Fireworks explode at the Washing- 
ton Monument Saturday, Jan. 1, 
2000, during the America 's Millen- 
nium Gala celebration in Washing- 
ton. Confused partiers seemed to 
think this was the first year of the 
21st century. [Contrary to popular 
belief, because there was no year 0, 
the year 2000 was actually the last 
year of the old millennium, not the 
first of the new. —ed.] 

Current Events: The Year 201 

Built with barbed wire unci concrete, 
the Berlin Wall, stretching for about 
30 miles, was a Cold War symbol 
which separated East and West Ber- 
lin, preventing people form leaving 
East Germany. It stood for 28 years 
as a division bet ween the So viets and 
the Allies. The wall was torn down 
after Communism collapsed in 1989. 

Considered by many to 
be soccer's greatest 
player. Pele, No. 10, 
moves after the ball 
during a North Ameri- 
can Soccer Leage 
Cham pi ( mship game in 
Portland. Ore.. Aug. 29. 
1977. "You can tell the 
world." Pele said, "soc- 
cer has finally come to 
America. " 

Henry Ford sits at the tiller of his first automobile, the 
Quadricycle in 1904: he created the model T in 1908 and by 
1915 had produced one million automobiles. The invention 
altered the face of America, universally freed people from the 
horse and buggy, and revolutionized the steel, rubber, and oil 

202 Current Events: The Century 

The U.S. space shuttle Challenger explodes 
shortly after lifting off from Kennedy Space Cen- 
ter. Cape Canaveral. Fla.. on Jan. 28. 1986. Seven 
crew members died aboard the 25th shuttle mis- 
sion, including a civilian high school teacher, 
Chris ta McAuliffe. President Ronald Reagan ap- 
pointed a commission to investigate the tragedy, 
which was later blamed on faulty O-rings in the 
shuttle booster's rockets. The Challenger's crew 
was honored with burials at Arlington National 

United States Army troops stand in 
the trenches in France during World 
War I. On June 28. 1914. Archduke 
Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his 
wife were assassinated in Sarajevo, 
Bosnia. As a result, Germany de- 
clared war on Russia on August 1, 
1914, with England and Belgium 
entering the war days later. Under 
President Woodrow Wilson, the 
United States declared war on April 
6, 1917 to make the world "safe for 
democracy. " 

A stronaut Edwin E. ' 'Buzz ' ' A ldrin 
Jr. poses for a photograph beside the 
U. S. flag deployed on the moon dur- 
ing the Apollo 11 mission on July 
20. 1969. Aldrin and fellow astro- 
naut Neil Armstrong were the first 
men to walk on the lunar surface; 
America had beaten the Soviet 
Union in the race for moon explora- 

The battleship USS Arizona belches smoke as it topples over into the sea 
during a Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, 
Hawaii, Dec. 7, 1941. The attack. which left 2,343 
Americans dead and 916 missing, forced America out 
of a policy of isolationism. FDR announced that it 
was "a date which will live in infamy. " and Congress 
declared war on Japan the morning after. 

Current Events: The Century 203 

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(continued from page 72) 

., .willl die ilk! of Ihe k Hill.ij'iil (.einplanun snuek into llic 

female's ainip and c.ipiurrd several ol ihe women and carried 
diem off lo die castle in Ulackwatch I lie yuinlurinn ran circle* 

.11 kilhi' \n i,i/i hi-, iiukiiii'lln'iinli//^ as dninkcn sailors, w Ink 

Jesse Ihe Giiml and Anion the Armadillo curried them o!T the 
field of battle, lite men nl iimis drew their swords and wanted 
ipped them one 


o the 

ll loweniie ll 

to Erik Uie Swan. Ja\ the mercenary, and the Earl of Joe. The 
Italian Stallion wooed ihe princess ni ilk- \um/ons and rule oil 
wilti her irili>tlicsiiiiscl 1 doe \Mlli Unions do;' I ike |xmi'i lidded 
Ihe females lo ihccaMle. while the Liimh^ iik mj; with the Libcrian 
Casanovatold die women lolollow iliemio the castle. Thepow- 
edess women did .is ilie\ .oinni.inded Ilie mn|.i would ha\e 
used his wrestling iuo\ csio make the women suhniil, hut unlor- 
lunatelv he was nlrcads nndei the spell ol a Icmale enchantress. 
Mucus cndirallal die girls wiilisioncsok.irs. baseball, and guys 
he knew in high school.* told dclkious puns in music form 
to make die girls fall ,il his leci, while Nkk stayed in hed. 

However, die battle was l.u (nun over, die soldiers had 
token care of mnsl ol the women bui a \asi number of Amazons 
anil Cialleranans siill iviiiamal. king 1 .10 and Prince Wiing rode 
their steeds onio ihe field ol Kittle and the King said willi great 
force, "I am Lao!" 

"ANDMYNAMI IS WW,'' Ihe prince valiantly slated. 
The King went on to say. "Von arc in Mokmon of die open hours 
policy, throw down your weapons and come peacefully to 
Blackwalch and you will mil he harmed." 

Ttie women knew ewn with their alliance diey were no 
malehforthe likes ol HLkkwakh Hic\ willingly followed Lao 
and Wang back lo Hkkkw ati h Iowa tculnltifwhat die 
men would do. When ilie women enteied die gales and passed 
through die commons dies noticed an unusual smell, a st 
lhe\ weiv guilty of. 

King Lao said, "Galleranans! We know you defiled 
commons a cold IVccmlvi morning, hut we are a forgiving 
c'Uui and lime has he.iled ihosc wound- Come, eat and be i 
for you arc safe in the halls of Blackwalch." 

And so the kme ruled peace! ully and niiui and w 

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Covenant College: 
Building on the 

"And He is the head of the body, the church, 
who is the beginning, the firstborn from the 
dead, that in all things He may have the 

Colossians 1:18 

The 2000 Tartan's theme, "Building on the 
Cornerstone" is intended to be more than 
just a trite Christian-sounding phrase. It is 
representative of the very purpose of Cov- 
enant College-to build knowledge in every 
discipline with Christ as the Cornerstone, at 
the place of preeminence, 

Our definition as a Christian college is not 
found first of all in what we study-that we 
have chapel or a bible department. Rather, 
it is found in how we study, in the fact that we 
view every area of life in terms of the antith- 
esis-with the Christ of the Scriptures at our 

Closins 215 

SouildHnz <m the ^ainetJane 

For Reference 

Do Not Take From the Library